Sunday, 20 August 2017

Google Translate Apk

Google Translate APK is best application, millions of users across the world using  Google Translate app and get knowledge. Google Translate APk offers instantly translations of more than 103 languages of the world. Google translate application has faster the way of communication by translating different languages with each other. Millions of Social media users usage this application to understand one another languages by posting their content on Google Translator and it will give your desired translation. Google Translate apk has easy our daily routine tasks especially, english to urdu translation and if you have google translate apk then you don't need to install extra dictionary application on your phone. it also works like a dictionary of every language.
- Translate and convert 103 languages by inputing
-Just tap to translate : copy and paste text  in app and Select language to translate it will pop up your desire translation
-It also works offline when you don't have  internet access, it translates offline more than 50 languages.
-Use your Camera to translate more than 30 languages instantly.
-By using camera mode you can take picture of text and translate in 37 languages.
- Save translations for future orientation in any language.
- It works in conservative mode, provides two way instant translation in 32 language.
Translations of almost all spoken languages are supportive such as English, Africans, Arabi, Urdu, Hindi, Chinese, Japanese, Turki, Indonesian, Latin, Italian, French, Zulu etc and many more languages are supportive.

Additional Information:
-App name : google-translate-apk
-Size 14.59 MB
-Version: latest Version
- Needs: Android 4.2 and up
- Distributed by : Google Inc.
-Last Update : 10 August 2017
Google Translate Apk
Google Translate Apk

Click the Below link to Download the Google Translate Apk for your Android:
Download Link: Google Translate Apk

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Microsoft Word 16.0.8326.2049 APK

Microsoft word the most popular and common applications which provides you a medium to write, edit, update the documents and share with others. This is an application which is helpful in every field of life such as in business, offices etc. With Microsoft Word, it support you whether you are blogger, Journalist or student working on Microsoft word is easier as compared to Pdf because it has so many functionalities. It finds spelling and grammatical errors from your documents and provide accurate suggestion to improve the errors. A Microsoft word document can send through mail to others easily. The best things in word file is that you can easily customize a document, CV, Letters , Applications,Forms, papers etc according to your requirements. There are so many options to design a document pages, font color, Paragraph headings, underline, highlight options to form a document more readable. It allows users to read and write a word document at ease. You can convert a word document easily into a pdf by just changing file extension .docx into .pdf. Apply excess permissions in a word document and know who is working on which document. Copy your word content into email body and send it to others as you wish. Sharing and caring is easy step in Microsoft word. Now enjoy the  Microsoft word apk and it makes your working life easier and comfortable.
- OS version : Kitkat (4.4 X) and above
- 1 GB RAM or above

Additional Information:

App-Name : microsoft-word-apk
Version : 16.0.8326.2049
Size : 68.03 MB
Needs:  Android 4.4 and up
Distributed by: Microsoft Corporation
Last Update: July 18, 2017
Microsoft word Apk
Microsoft word Apk
Click the below link to Download the APK file of Microsoft word for Android:
Download : Microsoft Word 16.0.8326.2049 APK

Monday, 7 August 2017

Brave Frontier Apk Download

You are here to download the android game brave frontier apk, it’s the best game in the gaming world millions of people playing this game on the android phone and Thousands of player rated 5 stars on this game. Play and be a fan of brave frontier. Summon the unbelievable more than 400 saints, forceful demigods and lofty monster, guide your gang to vital triumphs against the 4 fallen Gods as you wander through the legendary terrains Grand Gaia and past.
- Call and enlarge your team, from marvelous king to blaze spirits.
-Control on your divisions, essential assets and talent and arrange tactical groups for various games styles.
-Develop your team, reinforce them and reveal new skills.
-Boost your group power in battle field.
-upgrade your town to reveal new crafting choices and expertise powerful items.
-put your expertise to the test and face of epic bosses at PVE trials, Raids.
-Compete the PVP Arena and rule the leader board rankings.
-Join with your companion summoners for cooperate mode game.
-Connect with millions of players across the world for more support options
- Form Union Attacks with fellow summoners.
-Participate in Union attacks and get high ranks
-Discuss strategies  with summoners.
Hardware requirements:
Minimum 1 GB RAM to run this game on your phone

Additional Information:
-Game Name: brave-frontier-apk
-Size :  43.76 MB
-Needs: Android 2.3.3 and up
-Published by: gumi Inc.
-Last Update :31 July, 2017
Brave Frontier Apk Download
Brave Frontier Apk Download

Download the Apk file of Brave Frontier Click the below link: