Thursday, 27 July 2017

Download Bullet Force 1.07 APK

Bullet Force is a high speed digital multiplayer first person shooter (FPS) and high quality (AAA) game. Download Bullet Force Apk and learn how to alive in battlefield with your team.Bullet force is highly playing game all over the world and having millions of users across the world due to its stunning video graphics,So never miss a chance to play this game and erase evil from your home city. lets download bullet force apk and enjoy the game.
There are so many features of bullet force but some of its main features are listed below as:
High Speed multiplayer Stroke/Battle:
Clash together with your team in gigantic 20-players  clash by using a famous weapons.
You can easily customize this game, with over 20 artillery , 30 artillery, several optics, container attachment etc
Play As you Wish
Bullet force is presently features 4 polished games-types, team death, take-over, Free for all and Gun game etc.
Practice/Routine Matches
Create your daily routine matches as you want to play through custom setting.
Cinematic Features:
Bullet force facial appearance a free observer method, and choice to disable HUD, make your game interesting.
Offline Feature 
You don't need internet connection, you can play this game offline with bots in campaign mode.
We hope you will enjoy the game, let start the battle.

Additional Information:

- Game name : bullet-force-apk
-Size : 42.39 MB
- Version: 1.07
- Needs : Android 4.2 and up
- Distributed by: locus Wilde
- Last Update : January 22, 2017

Download Bullet Force 1.07 APK
Download Bullet Force 1.07 APK
Click the Below link to Download the Bullet Force APK file For Android.

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Uber APK Download

You are here to download the  Uber apk, before going to download the Uber apk you should know about the Uber, What is Uber ,Why and How it works. Uber is a ride application for passengers to provide fast, reliable and quick 24 hours services in a day. Now you don't need to wait for long time in traffic area for waiting taxi's. Uber has just find a solution of this problem. Download the Uber apk on your android phone, select your location and easily pick Uber VIP taxi for lower cost. Uber provides fastest service all over the world, so don't worried about to get taxi, now Uber has comfort your way of life. Just install the Uber apk and get taxi on your door step.
Request for Uber through application is quite easy don't get confuse, we are here to provide step by step usage of Uber APK . You just tap to request a Uber for ride, it's simple to pay with credit card or cash.Select city where you are going and start a trip with Uber.

Requesting Methods to Uber:

-Just install the app and run on your android phone and tell them where are travelling
-The app gets your location  because the Driver can easily pick you.
-You cans see the Driver picture, details about car and even the current status of arrival of taxi through google maps on your app.
-Payments can be done through Android pay, PayPal and through credit cards
-After ride you can rate the Uber driver and their services through your application so uber can improve their services by getting users feedback.
Uber APK Download
Uber APK Download

               Download Apk file of Uber click the below link:
        Download:  Uber Apk Download

Additional Information:

App Name : uber.apk
Size : 42.46 MB
Version : 4.160.4
Needs : Android 4.1 and up
Developers: Uber
Last Update :July 5, 2k17