Friday, 1 September 2017

Kiues APK for Online Kiu Results

Kiues the best educational application for android which helps you to search all type of KIU online results. It is not official application of Kiu, it is developed by private company for the applicants of KIU. Now you can easily search all external KIU of results from this android application.It is very user friendly application,there is no usage problem. you can search results by name and by Roll Number. Additional Information: -App Name : Kiues-apk -Version : 2.0.3 -Requires : Android 4.0 and up -Distrirbuted by : IT Browser -Last Update : July 28, 2017

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Google Translate Apk

Google Translate APK is best application, millions of users across the world using  Google Translate app and get knowledge. Google Translate APk offers instantly translations of more than 103 languages of the world. Google translate application has faster the way of communication by translating different languages with each other. Millions of Social media users usage this application to understand one another languages by posting their content on Google Translator and it will give your desired translation. Google Translate apk has easy our daily routine tasks especially, english to urdu translation and if you have google translate apk then you don't need to install extra dictionary application on your phone. it also works like a dictionary of every language.
- Translate and convert 103 languages by inputing
-Just tap to translate : copy and paste text  in app and Select language to translate it will pop up your desire translation
-It also works offline when you don't have  internet access, it translates offline more than 50 languages.
-Use your Camera to translate more than 30 languages instantly.
-By using camera mode you can take picture of text and translate in 37 languages.
- Save translations for future orientation in any language.
- It works in conservative mode, provides two way instant translation in 32 language.
Translations of almost all spoken languages are supportive such as English, Africans, Arabi, Urdu, Hindi, Chinese, Japanese, Turki, Indonesian, Latin, Italian, French, Zulu etc and many more languages are supportive.

Additional Information:
-App name : google-translate-apk
-Size 14.59 MB
-Version: latest Version
- Needs: Android 4.2 and up
- Distributed by : Google Inc.
-Last Update : 10 August 2017
Google Translate Apk
Google Translate Apk

Click the Below link to Download the Google Translate Apk for your Android:
Download Link: Google Translate Apk

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Microsoft Word 16.0.8326.2049 APK

Microsoft word the most popular and common applications which provides you a medium to write, edit, update the documents and share with others. This is an application which is helpful in every field of life such as in business, offices etc. With Microsoft Word, it support you whether you are blogger, Journalist or student working on Microsoft word is easier as compared to Pdf because it has so many functionalities. It finds spelling and grammatical errors from your documents and provide accurate suggestion to improve the errors. A Microsoft word document can send through mail to others easily. The best things in word file is that you can easily customize a document, CV, Letters , Applications,Forms, papers etc according to your requirements. There are so many options to design a document pages, font color, Paragraph headings, underline, highlight options to form a document more readable. It allows users to read and write a word document at ease. You can convert a word document easily into a pdf by just changing file extension .docx into .pdf. Apply excess permissions in a word document and know who is working on which document. Copy your word content into email body and send it to others as you wish. Sharing and caring is easy step in Microsoft word. Now enjoy the  Microsoft word apk and it makes your working life easier and comfortable.
- OS version : Kitkat (4.4 X) and above
- 1 GB RAM or above

Additional Information:

App-Name : microsoft-word-apk
Version : 16.0.8326.2049
Size : 68.03 MB
Needs:  Android 4.4 and up
Distributed by: Microsoft Corporation
Last Update: July 18, 2017
Microsoft word Apk
Microsoft word Apk
Click the below link to Download the APK file of Microsoft word for Android:
Download : Microsoft Word 16.0.8326.2049 APK

Monday, 7 August 2017

Brave Frontier Apk Download

You are here to download the android game brave frontier apk, it’s the best game in the gaming world millions of people playing this game on the android phone and Thousands of player rated 5 stars on this game. Play and be a fan of brave frontier. Summon the unbelievable more than 400 saints, forceful demigods and lofty monster, guide your gang to vital triumphs against the 4 fallen Gods as you wander through the legendary terrains Grand Gaia and past.
- Call and enlarge your team, from marvelous king to blaze spirits.
-Control on your divisions, essential assets and talent and arrange tactical groups for various games styles.
-Develop your team, reinforce them and reveal new skills.
-Boost your group power in battle field.
-upgrade your town to reveal new crafting choices and expertise powerful items.
-put your expertise to the test and face of epic bosses at PVE trials, Raids.
-Compete the PVP Arena and rule the leader board rankings.
-Join with your companion summoners for cooperate mode game.
-Connect with millions of players across the world for more support options
- Form Union Attacks with fellow summoners.
-Participate in Union attacks and get high ranks
-Discuss strategies  with summoners.
Hardware requirements:
Minimum 1 GB RAM to run this game on your phone

Additional Information:
-Game Name: brave-frontier-apk
-Size :  43.76 MB
-Needs: Android 2.3.3 and up
-Published by: gumi Inc.
-Last Update :31 July, 2017
Brave Frontier Apk Download
Brave Frontier Apk Download

Download the Apk file of Brave Frontier Click the below link:

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Download Bullet Force 1.07 APK

Bullet Force is a high speed digital multiplayer first person shooter (FPS) and high quality (AAA) game. Download Bullet Force Apk and learn how to alive in battlefield with your team.Bullet force is highly playing game all over the world and having millions of users across the world due to its stunning video graphics,So never miss a chance to play this game and erase evil from your home city. lets download bullet force apk and enjoy the game.
There are so many features of bullet force but some of its main features are listed below as:
High Speed multiplayer Stroke/Battle:
Clash together with your team in gigantic 20-players  clash by using a famous weapons.
You can easily customize this game, with over 20 artillery , 30 artillery, several optics, container attachment etc
Play As you Wish
Bullet force is presently features 4 polished games-types, team death, take-over, Free for all and Gun game etc.
Practice/Routine Matches
Create your daily routine matches as you want to play through custom setting.
Cinematic Features:
Bullet force facial appearance a free observer method, and choice to disable HUD, make your game interesting.
Offline Feature 
You don't need internet connection, you can play this game offline with bots in campaign mode.
We hope you will enjoy the game, let start the battle.

Additional Information:

- Game name : bullet-force-apk
-Size : 42.39 MB
- Version: 1.07
- Needs : Android 4.2 and up
- Distributed by: locus Wilde
- Last Update : January 22, 2017

Download Bullet Force 1.07 APK
Download Bullet Force 1.07 APK
Click the Below link to Download the Bullet Force APK file For Android.

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Uber APK Download

You are here to download the  Uber apk, before going to download the Uber apk you should know about the Uber, What is Uber ,Why and How it works. Uber is a ride application for passengers to provide fast, reliable and quick 24 hours services in a day. Now you don't need to wait for long time in traffic area for waiting taxi's. Uber has just find a solution of this problem. Download the Uber apk on your android phone, select your location and easily pick Uber VIP taxi for lower cost. Uber provides fastest service all over the world, so don't worried about to get taxi, now Uber has comfort your way of life. Just install the Uber apk and get taxi on your door step.
Request for Uber through application is quite easy don't get confuse, we are here to provide step by step usage of Uber APK . You just tap to request a Uber for ride, it's simple to pay with credit card or cash.Select city where you are going and start a trip with Uber.

Requesting Methods to Uber:

-Just install the app and run on your android phone and tell them where are travelling
-The app gets your location  because the Driver can easily pick you.
-You cans see the Driver picture, details about car and even the current status of arrival of taxi through google maps on your app.
-Payments can be done through Android pay, PayPal and through credit cards
-After ride you can rate the Uber driver and their services through your application so uber can improve their services by getting users feedback.
Uber APK Download
Uber APK Download

               Download Apk file of Uber click the below link:
        Download:  Uber Apk Download

Additional Information:

App Name : uber.apk
Size : 42.46 MB
Version : 4.160.4
Needs : Android 4.1 and up
Developers: Uber
Last Update :July 5, 2k17

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Best IELTS App for Android : IELTS Word Power APK

Best IELTS App  Word power is the international English Language testing Service app distributed by British Council. It provide Hundred's of questions , Answers of different fields i-e  Health, Business, Technology, Social issues, Developing World and many more. It aids to develop and  improve your English learning skills including Listening, Speaking and writing skills. IELTS Word Power APK provides all the information about English learning techniques from basic to advance. It is very simple to use and high quality content. So Download and install IELTS Word Power APK offered by British Council.
IELTS Word Power permits :
- learning english
-best IELTS preparation practice
-It helps you to find the nearby IELTS test institution
Additional Information:
-App Name : ielts-word-power
-Size : 17 MB
Category: Educational App
-Version :  1.20
-Needs :  Android 2.3.3 and up
-Distributed by: British Council
-Published Date: 19 January 2016
Best IELTS  Apps for Android : IELTS Word Power APK
Best IELTS  App for Android : IELTS Word Power APK

Download Link:

From Google Play Store :GET IELTS FROM Google Play Store

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Download BBM APK

See the BBM , it has offers bundles of services to their users. BBM provides best instant messaging features on the earth So don't forget to download BBM APK. it provides quality services, audio , video calling and now they have additionally provide thousands of stickers , free games, supermarkets, news-broadcast,coupons and more.There are millions of users across the world have discovered the BBM due its quality services.
-free calling services i.e audio , video calling
-provides group chat and messaging facilities
-Thousands of stickers, you may express yourself through these stickers
-programmed messages to your contacts
-Share photographs, and files
-Check the status of messages delivered
-offers free games 

Privacy Control:
-Keep your phone number private
-You may block someone for adding and messaging you .
-Share your location with your friends
-Protected messaging service
-Update your status to let your friends know how you are feeling.

Additional Information:
-App Name : bbm-apk
-Version :
-Size :   28 MB
-Needs :  Android 4.0.3 and up
-Distributed by:  BlackBerry Limited 
-Last Update: 13 April, 2017
Download BBM APK
Download BBM APK

Download the Apk file of BBM : Click the below link:

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Best Jokes Diary 1.0 APK

Are you getting bored...?? Don't worry, we have brought you a bundle of smiles for your face in the shape of Jokes Diary.  Best Jokes Diary offers 1000 + funny and interesting jokes. Keep smiling and make other happy by reading best jokes. Jokes Diary is an offline app for android , you don't  need to connect with internet, it is totally free to use. The best and amazing features is that you can easily send these jokes from this application to other media such as mobile SMS, Social media Sharing , Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, P pinterest , G+ etc.Jokes Diary contained different categories of jokes such that, Student Teacher jokes, Husband Wife jokes, Pathan Jokes, Father and Son jokes, Saaz and Bahu jokes and other 18+ jokes available for you. You can put your most favorite jokes in favorite joke section.


-Stunning UI and easy to Use
- Completely Offline
- 500+ best jokes
-Sharing to other networks

Additional Information:

-App name : jokes-diary-apk
-Size : 5 MB
-Version: 1.0
-Needs: Android 2.3 and up
-Distributed By: itbrowserpk
-Published Date: 23 March 2017
Best Jokes Diary 1.0 APK
Best Jokes Diary 1.0 APK
Download From Google play Store Click the Below Link:

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Download Dream League Soccer 4.01 APK

Dream League Soccer  2017 in now available , it is best game among the other Soccer games. Dream League soccer  allows you to build your team on the planet. and trained the FIFpro qualified stars, shape your own playground stadium and take on the world on dream league stadium.
Note: This game is free to play but some useful content needs to pay if you wanna use it.
Coins can be won during match or watching videos
Manage Your Team:
Select and manage your Dream Soccer team from famous soccer players of the world and play with other teams, be the winner of the year
Genuine Soccer Gameplay:
Ready yourself for Playing this stunning genuine soccer game. magnificent graphics, AI , genuine animations 60fps dynamic gameplay.
Go WorldWide :
Drem League Soccer sets your dream team against very well in the world. Follow your way and be the greatest team among the world.


-FIFPro licenced players brings the most accurate Dream League Soccer on your hand
-Customize your own Dream team
-6 partitions to effort ,to won the competition cup.
-Form your own stadium and team
-Customize your own team logo and kit.

Additional Information:

-Game Name : dream-league-soccer-apk
-Size : 45.41 MB
-Version : 4.01
- Needs : Android 4.1 and up
-Distributed by:  First Touch
-Last Update: March 16, 2017
Download Dream League Soccer 4.01 APK
Download Dream League Soccer 4.01 APK

Download Apk File of Dream League Soccer Click the below Link:

Download Dream League Soccer 4.01 APK

Friday, 17 March 2017

Download Pou 1.4.73 APK

Pou is a very interesting video game in which  you can play with stranger pet pou. Feed the Pou very well, clean it,  look it will grow up, and play with your Pou , it's very funny. Pou will never let you to get bore, alway chill will it. While smoothing up and exposing different covers and getups to gratify your sole taste.
Customize your Pou and make more fun with it and make pou friends.
- feed. grow and look after the pou
-play game and gather coins
-Modify pou's entrance
-visit and play with your love one's
- Play and talk with pou

Additional Information:

-Game Name : pou-apk
-Version:  1.4.73
-Size : 20.88 MB
-Needs : Android 2.3 and up
-Distributed by: Zakeh
-Last Update : 24 August 2016
Download Pou 1.4.73 APK
Download Pou 1.4.73 APK 
Download the Apk file of Pou Video game click the below Link:

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Gunship Strike 3D 1.0.5 APK

Gunship Strike 3D is the stunning and genuine helicopter action game available for android mobiles. Be ready to wipe out  terrorist from this heaven like world. Take offensive on terrorist with your apache helicopter and kill every bloody terrorist, control the city with your allies. Gunship combat helicopter is now ready, you have to take the seat of combat helicopter and operate the machine gun technically
Game Features:
-Numerous helicopters with unique weapons and guns
- Levels 40+ in fighting mode
-Genuine 3D graphics game
Additional Information:
-Game Name: gunship-strike-3d-apk
-Version; 1.0.5
-Size: 17.82 MB
-Needs : Android 2.1 and up
-Distributed by: Candy Mobile
-Last Update : 12 january, 2017
Gunship Strike 3D 1.0.5 APK
Gunship Strike 3D 1.0.5 APK

Download Apk File of Gunship Strike 3D Apk:

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Audio Beats Apk 2.2

Audio Beats Apk is the one of the most attractive and responsive audio player. Listen to your favourite songs with  Audio beats and enjoy vivid sound of music. Audio beats is super elegant audio player app with great controls intended with magnificent way. It is designed as light weight and fast processing app as compared to other audio players. It is among the finest audio player, there are millions of people like this audio player for playing music. It has very stunning user interface, easy to use, so it's the favorite audio player of many country's people.
-Backings nearly all audio file formats
-Smoothly play line or queue
-Just drag and drop to add tracks
-find speedily song,artist and  albums
-Develop your personal play list
-Shamble tracks
-Beats album: classic model view for album art
-handle track from notifications
-single touch to route
-rapidly access to presently playing music
-Multi-language supporter

Additional Information:
-App Name : Audio-beats-apk
-Vesion: 2.2
-Size : 7.87 MB
-Needs: Android 4.0 and up
-Distributed by:  Apps 10X
-Last Update: January 15, 2017
-Rating : 4.4 out of 5
Audio Beats Apk 2.2
Audio Beats Apk 2.2
Download the Apk file of Audio Beats:
click the below link to download:

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Tic Tac Toe Apk 3.0 download

Tic Tac Toe game is among the most playing games.It is like a puzzle game , initially we were playing this game on paper. Now Tic Tac Toe apk file is available for android, you can easily download and play this game in your android mobile.This game offers you illustrative graphics, the UI of this game is very friendly.
Glow effects are available in this for more effectiveness. Every people from child to Old playing this game very interestingly, There are multiple modes to play this game, Single player mode and Double player mode. So enjoy Tic Tac Toe Game without wasting papers. In Past years we used to play these games in paper Now available on our handset.
-Single Player
-Double player
-spark properties
-Best Playing game
Additional Information:
-Game Name:tac-tac-toe-glow-apk
-Version: 3.0
-Size: 17.24 MB
-Needs: Android 2.3.3 and up
-Last Update : January 23, 2017
-Distributed by : Arclite Systems
Tic Tac Toe Apk 3.0 download
Tic Tac Toe Apk 3.0 download

Download Apk file Click the below Link:

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Download Utube 12.03.57 Apk

Utube is the best video sharing platform in the web. Now Utube offers  Android Apk for its users to watch video's online in your android phone.Here you can see World entertainment  funny videos, news, video lectures by subscribing the channel in Utube. You can just click the icon it will recommend you a related videos, i observe it's the best application to search your required data. When you type your keyword in the search field it will automatically display videos related to your keyword. It's great feature is that you can also create your own channel in utube, you can upload , edit video in this can also express yourself in comments and share videos with friends. Easily find videos what you want, so let's download Utube 12.03.57 apk from our site and stay intouch with world people.
-Finds personal searches on the Home tab
-Watch the latest videos through your subscribe channel
-Upload and edit Videos with filters through your app
-Share videos to other  social websites
-Like, dislike and comments to the  videos

Additional Information:

-App name : utube-apk
-Size :24.89 MB
-Version : 12.03.57
-Needs : Android 4.1 and up
-Distributed by: Google Inc.
-Last Update : Feb 06, 2017

Download the Apk file of Utube App Click the below Link:
Clik here to Start :Download Utube 12.03.57 Apk

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Download Cytus APK 10.0.9

you are here wellcome to cytus pleasing world. Lets check the mobile first music game, play and enjoy music on cytus. Cytus offer you a vivid musical game. Download cytus Apk and enjoy with your friends.
-200 and above songs 400 variants containing many from different musicians around the globe
-Stunning hand-created art styles
-Normal, spontaneous dynamic active scan line system
-Unique presentation modes, allow players-friendly screening of notes
-Robust beats and drums provides favorable feedback for taps
-Above 9 levels to play more fun
-Stay in touch with social media to enhance cytus skills

How to Play:
-Follow beside active scan line
-Tap every note as the line goes
-Time the taps at the middle in the line for more score
Additional Information:
Game Name : cytus.apk
Version : 10.0.9
Size : 20.19 MB
Needs : Android 2.3 and up
Last Update: 9,December,2016
Distributed by : Rayark Inc.
Download Cytus APK 10.0.9
Download Cytus APK 10.0.9
Download the Cytus Apk Click the below Link;

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Emoji Keyboard APK Download

You are here to download the Emoji Keyboard APK for android, You all knows that today's social media networks use emoji to instantly deliver a message according to message condition what happening ? i-e happy, sad, Wrinkle, Kiss, love and many more emoji are available to use in emoji keyboard.
It is smooth fashion keyboard that backing in facebook, twitter and other social network.


-Smooth white fashion UI keyboard
-Custom keyboard font style
-Motion shot Input
-input emoji in any app like fb, twitter etc
-recommendation of words in english, french ,italian, spanish
-Support keyboard themes

Additional Information:

App Name : emoji-keyboar-apk
Version: 6.4
Size : 25.4 MB
Needs : Android 4.0 and up
Distributed by: Barley Workshop
Update Date: 4 January,2016
Note: If you are using Samsung S3 or S4 then black and white emoji cann't be visible for you then you have to install font;
Emoji Keyboard APK Download
Emoji Keyboard APK Download
Click the Below link to Download the Emoji keyboard apk:

Friday, 13 January 2017

Dropbox APK 28.2.2 Download

Dropbox offers you to save your stuff securely, save your important documents, photos,documents,videos for free up to 2 GB of data. You can access dropbox from multiple devices i.e Android, IOS, Tablets, ipad. Send and receive large files through Dropbox , make groups, share your content to groups.
For Students and Officials i will recommend you to use Dropbox where you save your educational documents securely and download documents when you need.


-Edit Microsoft office documents
-Download and recover your content, photos when you need
-Send files without attachment of email
-Share folders to your close friends
-provides free space up to 2 GB of Data
Join and register yourself with Dropbox , get services of dropbox, Stay connected with your friends regarding your educational matters.

Additional Information:

App Name: dropbox-apk
Version : 28.2.2
Size : 59.48 MB
Needs : Android 4.1 and up
Distributed by: Dropbox, Inc
Last Update: 21, December 2016
Dropbox APK 28.2.2 Download
Dropbox APK 28.2.2 Download
Download Apk file of Dropbox click the below Link:
Dropbox APK 28.2.2 Download

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Twitter APK 6.28.0 Download

Twitter is the best social media network in the world, Here you will meet with professional persons. Twitter allows 140 character to a single tweet. Get registered with twitter and stay in touch with the rest of World and see what happening. In Twitter from news, politics, sports, cultural events,if anything exists then it's on twitter, get the full description with quick comments. Be a part of twitter which the people more talking about and get videos and moments.Join it and get all the actions by sharing what's happening in the world. Twitter offers you to post photos, Gifs, videos and  even stream live videos.There is no such a medium to raise voice and millions of users across the world using twitter because of  its uniqueness. I will recommend you people that twitter is the social media network where you will meet high rank people from the world. So download and install the Twitter apk on your android.

Additional Information:

App Name : twitter-apk
Version : 6.28.0
Size : 30.34 MB
Needs : Android 4.1 and up
Last Update : 3 January 2016
Rating : 4.2 out of 5
Distributed by: Twitter Inc.
Twitter APK 6.28.0 Download
Twitter APK 6.28.0 Download

 Download the Twitter Apk file Click the Below Link:
Twitter APK 6.28.0 Download

Tuesday, 3 January 2017


PSP the best emulator for android, now play PSP games on your android without any obstacle at great description and more structures. PPSSPP is the top best emulator for android which plays all level games but depends on your device configuration, all may not run at full speed. Galaxy S7 is not presently stayed but this will be fix very soon. No games are comprised with this PSP download. Dump your personal  genuine PSP games and convert them into ISO , CSO files and play free games which are accessible online. Keep those in PSP\Game\ on your Storage.
Several listed games that work but no at all will run with full speed on devices
Persona 2, Persona3
Dragon Ball
Little Big planet
GTA Grand Theft Auto LCS/VCS
Monster Hunter 2 Unite 3
PSP is the brand of Sony Company.

Additional Information:

-Game Name: ppsspp-psp-apk
-Version :
-Size : 23.53 MB
-Needs : Android 2.3 and up
-Last Update : 18 September 2016
-Distributed by : Henrik Rydgard
Download the Apk File of PSP Emulator Click the Below Link: