Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Download Google Play Services 10.0.84 (440-137749526) APK for Android

Google Play Store the most popular store named as for keeping  their users connected to  latest and  updated applications and games. This app provides you more about validations to your google facilities, matched friends, admittance to user privacy settings and location based services.
Google Play Store app boost your application capability. It provides fast speed to offline searches and  boost the games capabilities. Google play store alerts you about all the latest and emerging apps, when you get registered with Google play store it will notify every time about every update.

Additional Information:

App Name: google-play-services
Size: 54.53 MB
Needs: Android 6.0 and up
Version: 10.0.84(440-137
Distributed by: Google Inc
Last update: 14, November 2016
Download Google Play Services 10.0.84 (440-137749526) APK for Android
 Download Google Play Services 10.0.84 (440-137749526) APK for Android

Download Apk File Click the below Link:

Download Google Play Services 10.0.84 (440-137749526) APK for Android

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Download Snapchat APK for Android

The best and fastest live chatting tool, Snapchat offers you fast communication services, Now you can easily chat instantly with your family, friends and love ones. It brings you more fun with snapping. Snapchat users can easily take or protect your messages, by compelling a screenshot or snapshot or through camera. Be aware what you are suddenly snap. Snapchat apk offered by Snapchat Inc and its total size is 74.05 MB.
What’s new in Snapchat?
Ranks and determine
Take snap share it to your love ones.
Tap the left display to go back

Use your outer camera , video calling to use lenses

Additional Information:

-App name : snapchat-apk
-Size : 74.05 MB
-Version :
-Needs : Android 4.1 and up
-Last Update : November 16, 2016
-Distributed by :Snapchat Inc
Download Snapchat 9.43.05 apk
Download Snapchat 9.43.05 apk

Download the Snapchat Apk Click the below Link:

Saturday, 26 November 2016

1+2=3 1.3 APK download for Android

Here we offer you a mathematical game One plus Two = Three apk, we check out that how much you are genius and your brain works. All the question and answers comprised with 1, 2 ,3, plus , minus. It looks like simple game but it is exciting and puzzling game. Test your basic mathematics skills with this application, improve your brain processing and play with your kids. As you Know this is an educational application, lets play 1+2=3 game with your kids and compare your skills with your kids. Be a best scorer of this  game.
Note: Don;t Ignore this game.
How to play?
Learn timely maths basic questions and answers
Check the questions first and select the correct one.

Enter the  true answers with fast speed as you can.

Additional Information:

File Name:1+2=3 apk
Type: Educational Game
Latest Version :1.3
Total Size : 2.1.9 MB
Needs : Android 4.3 and up
Uploaded :  21 November 2016
Distributed by: Pine Entertainment
1+2=3 1.3 APK download for Android

Download  the Apk file of 1+2=3 1.3 APk Game:
Click the below Link:

Friday, 11 November 2016

Download Need for Speed No Limits 1.6.6 Apk

Need for Speed No Limits race for power in the white reputation publication of need for speed No Limits ready for mobile. The developers took you real racing. Construct your vision trip with fantastic collection of cars and adjustments. Introduce yourself in this racing club, Pick your favorite racing car, win the race, now there is chance to drive and win the race. Make your selection and start the game, it’s time to play. This application suggestion in app buying, you may disable it from your mobile settings.This game offers you a stunning graphics,different locations of the world, that's it the favorite game of different World of people.

Choose your Car:

Take a your favorite racing cars from top production companies i.e BMW, McLaren, Porsche and more. Take them to the road and become a part of car racer team, win the contest.

Drive Fast  with no Fear:

Drive fast your car without any fear, Speed over jumps, in traffic, and walls to win the game. No need to down the speed because your opponents cars have high speed.

Race to Win:

-Take part in the race and win the race
-This game provides a stunning medium, roads , locations , so every body can easily race, so ride your car , win the race.

Additional Information:

-Game Name: need-for-speed_no-limits-apk
Latest Version: 1.6.6
Size:  14.7 MB
Needs : Android 4.0.3 and up
Distributed by : ELECTRONIC ARTS
Rating : 4.3 out of 5
Last update : November 2, 2016
Download Need for Speed No Limits Apk
Download Need for Speed No Limits Apk

Download the Apk file of  Need for speed No limits Android game:

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Google Maps 9.40.2 APK download

Google Maps Apk is the most emerging application, which guides you in every step of your life. Travel somewhere you want, don’t worry, Now Google Maps is with you, Install google map on your mobile which provides fully real time GPS directions, traffic flow, transportation and specifies about millions of places across the world, such as reviews and general times. It works on GPS system so it totally need internet for online searches. It's offline Apk file is also available. So stay in touch with us for more information, Thanks.
-Fast real time updates to Visitors
-Stay connected with tired traffic conditions
-Pick your vehicles, bus ,train with real time transportation information
-Save time with Google Maps apk which automatically routing online live traffic, tracks and restaurants and many more.
-Direction with path supervision so you don’t slip the path.
-Catch near, shops, bridges, parks, and famous locations
-Choose the best places to go and put your reviews, rating.
-Helping other peoples to put your reviews on known places
-Visit the whole World, now on your mobile ,computers.
-Details and actual maps of 220 countries and their cities.

-Transportation lists and business information maps for all cities.

Additional Information:

App Name :Google-maps-apk
Version : 9.40.2
Size : 35.32 MB
Needs: Android 4.3 and up
Distributed by: Google Inc.
Last update :November 4, 2016
Rating : 4.3 out of 5

Google Maps 9.40.2 APK download
Google Maps 9.40.2 APK download 

Dowload Apk File of Google Maps, Click the below Link:

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Download WhatsApp Messenger 2.16.310 APK for Android

WhatsApp Messenger Apk is one of the best free communication app for android operating systems and smartphones.WhatsApp needs internet connection 2G,3G,4G network or WiFi to connect to the other devices which have WhatsApp already installed.By using this app you can conduct and get calls, messages, videos, leaflets , images, voice messages to your family, friends and love ones across the world.There is no extra charges deduction from WhatsApp users, when you have free WiFi connection or any internet connection. You don’t need to pay for every message and call like mobile networks. Its totally free for all user in the entire world. You don’t need to pay any subscription payments for using this application.We are providing you a best free applications which are very useful in business communication, education sector and any other places where these apps are widely used to solve the problems in your lives.

Free App , NO Charges:

It is totally free , no need to pay for any type of services in Whatspp Messenger.
-You have only internet connections to use it for free
-No subscription fee will be deducted


Send and receive calls, images, documents to their love ones across the world

Free Calls:

Free calls to every corner of the world where your friends and family members lives in, no international call charges will be applied.

Group Chat:

 Group chat service is available in Whatsapp messengers you can form a group of friends and family to chat, even this service is better for business purpose.

WhatsApp Web:

you can also get messages and calls of Whatsapp  from your PC browser .

Addtional Inforamation:

App name: whatsapp-messenger-apk
Version: 2.16.310
Size :26.5 MB
Needs :Android 2.3.3 and up
Distributed by: WhatApp Inc
Last Update :15 October, 2016
Rating :4.4 out of 5
Downloads : 2522875
Download WhatsApp Messenger 2.16.310 APK for Android
Download WhatsApp Messenger 2.16.310 APK for Android

Download APK File of WhatsApp Messenger:

Monday, 7 November 2016

Download Real Racing 3 4.7.2 apk for android

Real racing 3 is the best android game that sets  a new  standard for  racing games in android.To get confirmation , you need to play this game in your mobile, I hope you will get satisfied from Real Racing 3. This application deals in app purchases. You can disable it form your mobile settings.There are 200 Million followers across the world . Real Racing 3 features forever mounting schedules of formally approved with 39 tracks at 17 actual world places, a 43 car network over 140 exactly comprehensive cars from top  producers. It offers real time multiplayer, night racing and innovative time shifted multiplayer technology, and permitting you to contest anyone at anytime.

Admiration's for Real Racing 3:

-New age group in advance of the race
-A spectacular graphics on your mobiles

Genuine Cars:

Take the Steering of over 140  powerful autos producers like Ferrari, Mercedes, BMW and check your racing skills.

Genuine Tracks:

Real racing 3 offers you a world-wide magnificent location for racing i.e meadows, city tracks, dunes etc

More Choices:

Contest in over unlimited events containing cup races, eradication and survival challenges.
choose from wide range of upgrades to increase your car performance.Customize your car 
with different color and frame.

Additional Information:

game name: real-racing-3-apk
Version: 4.7.2
Size : 61.4 MB
Needs: Android 4.0.3 and up
Distributed by: ELECTRONIC ARTS
Released Date: 1 November, 2016
Download Real Racing 3 4.7.2 apk for android
Add Download Real Racing 3 4.7.2 apk for android

Download apk file to click the below Link;