Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Earn to die 2 APk Free Download

You are here to download the top level and newly distributed game: Earn to die 2 apk free download for android.This game contain a stunning graphics and very user friendly interface for players. In this game you have to select a Car and drive through zombies  end , follow the graph to hit the zombies.
A departure ship is tending to the opposite side of state.It is the only way for you when zombies defeated you. With just and once-over auto and little measure of money you confront a commonplace circumstance to drive through groups of zombies so as to live.

Type New Tier Fashion:

Earn to die 2 presents immense new story styles , five intervals longer than their ancestors. The diversions leaves its well known deserts setting and digs into pits of urban areas invaded by zombies.

Multi Divisions Stages:

Levels are presently multi-layered , drive crosswise over rotted freeway bridges, by means of underground passages or crush through epic zombie filled production lines. Whichever the way you take, don't have capacity to get away from the zombies swarm, Your exclusive decision is to crush them.

Form a Zombie Crushing Machine:

Open and update 10 distinct vehicles, including a game auto, flame truck, dessert van. Every vehicle can be furnished with scope of redesigns. e.g defensively covered edges, rooftop mounted weapons. Sponsors and sky is the limit from there.

Destructible Automobiles:

Automobiles are completely destructible , Hold tight for your life and auto gets crushed to bits on the off chance that you aren't excessively cautious.

More Zombies More Destruction More Chaos

The saving boat not waits forever. Set yourself for wide-ride genuinely there is nothing at all like crushing through zombies filled industrial facilities.

Free to Play:

Earn to die 2 game is best game and free to play across the world

Additional Information:

Game name: Earn to die 2 apk
Size:  98.94 MB
New Version: 1.0.87
Needs : Android 2.3.3 and up
Distributed by: Not Doppler
Last Update: Sept 6, 2k16

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Earn to die 2 New Version download
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Earn to die 2

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Poopoo Cat 2.6.0 apk download

Best newly released game Poopoo Cat 2.6.0 apk download for your android mobile for free. Popoo Cat is a successively action game with an  inspiring closure. Aid the needy, beautiful white cat  Poopoo who lost his direction take him home securely. Cheche's creatures  companions will assault Poopoo on transit yet no stresses. The cat has distinct weapon to overthrow his opponents. Simply mind the progression and look out when you hop. Assault the opponents with her uncommon weapon, When you defeat the opponent then you may able to get the Poopoo to her home securely otherwise you  may not. So try to kill the opponents on the way, who creates hurdles for the cute cat and take him her home without any obstacle.

Additional Information:

-Game name: Poopoo cat apk
-Size : 20.91 MB
-Version: New Version 2.6.0
-Needs: Android 2.3.0 and up
-Distributed by: galbaro Inc.
-Released Date: 11 Sept, 2k16

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Poopoo Cat apk
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Poopoo cat apk

Download Traffic Racer 2.3 Apk

You are here to download Traffic racer 2.3 Apk for android, it is an innovative in the variety of unlimited racing game play.Drive your auto through freeway traffic , gain money, overhaul your auto and buy new one. Be a professional driver, drive fast without any obstacle in a traffic. Boundless racing game is now available for your android mobile, So enjoy and download Traffic Racer 2.3 apk and share with your friends.


-Magnificent 3D illustration
-flat and genuine auto taking care of.
-Choose your best car from 35 Cars.
-Complete Locations, desert. rainy, greenly
-Game types: two way, free ride, Police game etc
-Available vehicles , buses , trucks and car etc
-Touch to brake , accelerate , steer.

Additional Information:

Game name: Traffic racer apk
Size: 49.88 MB
New Version: 2.3
Needs: Android 2.2.3 and up
Distributed by: Soner Kara
Last Update: 8 March , 2k16

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Download Traffic Racer 2.3
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Traffic RAcer 2.3 apk