Friday, 29 July 2016

Download Wrestling Revolution 3D Apk

You are about to download real world wrestling revolution 3D apk for android, now enjoy it on your mobile phones, millions of fans enjoying wrestling on their phones by playing.The wrestling revolution 3D uprising into the third measurement where it now highlights both part of commercial in standard universe interestingly.
A grappling profession contests you to take shots in the loop and providing entertainment games.
You will never get bored by watching shadows on the screen, each shadow give you a gratefulness. it is very easy and  totally free to play so enjoy wrestling on the circle.


-Cursor = movements
-A  = Attack
-G = grapple
-R = run
-p = pick up/drop
-T =Pin/referee obligation
EYE =  change center
HEALTH METER = control personality
CLOCK = pause/change camera edge

Additional Information: 

Name : Wresting-revolution-3D-apk
Version: 1.560
Size: 43.17 MB
Needs : android 4.0 and up
Copyrights/Provided by : MDickle
Last update : 27 July , 2016
For more information:  visit developers page

Download Wrestling Revolution 3D apk
Download Wrestling Revolution 3D apk 

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Direct downloading: 
Wrestling revolution

Install from google play:
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