Monday, 18 July 2016

Hill Climbing racing apk free download

You are here to download the Hill climbing Racing apk for android, it is free to play. When you play once then you never left the game. The jumping vehicles flying in the air for the moment and provides amusement to the players. During playing this game you have follow some laws of physics that control the vehicles otherwise your vehicle fall down from hill and will destroy.


- Contain Various vehicles including cars, bikes , trucks etc

- Upgrade portions including engine tires 

- Many platforms with ranks 

- Segment your points with a snapshot with your colleagues!

- Genuine engine sound when you redesign your engine!


Additional Information:

 Game name :  Hill climb racing
Size : 42.53 MB
Version : 1.30.0
Needs : Android 4.2 and up
Provided by : Fingersoft
Last update: 5 July, 2016

Download link: 

To install from google play:
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