Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Download Pokemon Go APK for Andriod

Hi you are here to download and play the best and in short time famous game Pokemon Go. Pokemon have found in your daily life now it is a time for you find a pokemon so go outside and play with pokemon. you know it is real-life game pokemon are out there in the forest, fields so you have to find them ,as you move around your smartphone give a vibrate when pokemon is nearer to you. Set objective and throw a ball , you will need to stay caution it may escape. scan far and wide for pokemon and other things , certain pokemons are found their surrounding to their lives i-e water sort pokemon by lakes and seas. Visit pokestops found at fascination places like exhibition halls and landmarks. As you level up , then more able to catch powerful pokemon to finish your pokedex.
Its an opportunity to get moving your geniune undertakings awaits.

Follow- Ups:

  • This application is allowed to play and offer in buys.
  • Android friendly game that have 2 Gb ram and have android version 4.4 -  6.0.
  • Compatibility is not ensured devices without Gps capacities or gadget that associated with wi-fi system
  • compatibility with tablets are not ensured.
  • fore more information please visit 

 Additonal Information: 

  • File name: Pokemon Go
  • New version: 0.29.2
  • size: 50.06 MB 
  • Developed by: Niantic, Inc
  • Last update : 16 july, 2016

Download link:

Click to download Pokemon Go

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