Saturday, 30 July 2016

Zapya APK 4.5.1 Download for Android

Zapya APK the fastest cross-platform tool for sharing and transferring data, Here is Zapya to connect your android, iphones ipads,Mac and PC to each other without any cable, it is the fastest application to transfer content , videos , images in mini seconds.Due to its fastest sharing of data, there is millions of downloads of this application in the world. Its speed is too much faster than bluetooth now it's time to uninstall Bluetooth and install zapya to save your precious time. It send and receive data instantly so it is better application among is easy to use and totally free to utilize.


-No need of cable for sharing
-Zapya normally backup and transfers data from old device to new.
-Sharing of data without using any WiFi network etc
-Instantly high speed, sharing of data
-Provides a medium of group sharing environment
-Support multiple languages
- Receive and send data from old devices to new
-Sharing of data in groups

Additional Information:

App name : Zapya_apk
Version : 4.5.1
Size: 7.41 MB
Needs : Android 4.0 and up
Provided by : DewMobile ,inc
Last update : 3 November ,2016
Zapya APK  Download for Android
Zapya APK  Download for Android

Download links:
Latest Version: Zapya APK 4.5.1 Download for Android

Old Version: zapya APK 4.1download

Friday, 29 July 2016

Download Wrestling Revolution 3D Apk

You are about to download real world wrestling revolution 3D apk for android, now enjoy it on your mobile phones, millions of fans enjoying wrestling on their phones by playing.The wrestling revolution 3D uprising into the third measurement where it now highlights both part of commercial in standard universe interestingly.
A grappling profession contests you to take shots in the loop and providing entertainment games.
You will never get bored by watching shadows on the screen, each shadow give you a gratefulness. it is very easy and  totally free to play so enjoy wrestling on the circle.


-Cursor = movements
-A  = Attack
-G = grapple
-R = run
-p = pick up/drop
-T =Pin/referee obligation
EYE =  change center
HEALTH METER = control personality
CLOCK = pause/change camera edge

Additional Information: 

Name : Wresting-revolution-3D-apk
Version: 1.560
Size: 43.17 MB
Needs : android 4.0 and up
Copyrights/Provided by : MDickle
Last update : 27 July , 2016
For more information:  visit developers page

Download Wrestling Revolution 3D apk
Download Wrestling Revolution 3D apk 

 Download Links:

from zippyshare:
 click to download

Direct downloading: 
Wrestling revolution

Install from google play:
 click here

Thursday, 28 July 2016

World of Tanks Apk Download

You are here to visit and download the horriable android game World of Tanks, So prepared your self  to done some destruction in a last World War 2 army tank canon. The exact top multiplayer you will discover for your android phone and you will found there a number of tanks and masses and splendid places to fight.This top free game allowed  to win for mobiles created by wargaming puts you into snappy flame encouraged by World War 2.Organize into 200 gigantic tanks in magnificent parts.
Storm the cutting edges with natural screen controls made specially for online portable gameplay.
Sign up with your companions gather your tribe and hit the front line together.


  • Above 200 notorious World world 2 vehicles from all the world
  • Exclusive battle fields
  • Tactical 7v7 online multiplayer
  • Profound movement framework 10 levels of tank to open
  • Innovative groups moves up to upgrade your tank and improve your gaming styles
  • Rearrangement for different gadgets
  • Cool to learn, screen touch controls
  • Player acquire rewards from new difficult missions
  • This game needs atleast  extra free 3 GB on your phone

Additional Information:

Game name: World of Tank blitz apk
Size : 56.3 MB
Version :3.0.376
Needs :android 4.0 and up
Developed by:Wargaming Asia
Last update: 26 July,2016
World of Tanks Apk Download
World of Tanks Apk Download

Download Links:
World of Tanks

Link 2:
 World of tanks blitz

From Google play store:
click here

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Prisma APK 1.1.63 Download for Android

you are about to download latest app Prisma apk, now its time to be a sketcher, cartoonist , painter and fit your photographs , images into amazing splendid drawings or sketches. Prisma convert your images into drawing using elegances of  well-known performers like Rembrandt ,Pablo Picasso ,Raphael as well as world tremendous  decorations and designs.A distinctive mix of neutral system and stimulated intellect helps you to convert  unforgettable instants into endless drawings.
Prisma apk converts your images into creations using the elegance's of well-known artists. Lets take a picture and starts sketching, be a world's famous Artist.


  • New drawing strainers
  • Spectacular picture impacts
  • Fast distribution
  • Multiple Styles

General Information :

App name: prisma-apk
Type : Editing Tool
Size : 4.42 MB
Need: Android 4.1 and up
Present Version :1.1.63
Developed by: Prisma labs, inc
updated : 6 November, 2016

Prisma APK Download for Android
 Prisma APK Download for Android

Download Links:

Latest Version:Prisma APK 1.1.63 Download for Android

Old Version: Download Prisma 1.0 apk

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Download Sweet Selfie Camera 2.18.297 APK for Android

you are here to download the best sweet selfie camera apk, which is famous in world-wide among the peoples. It is easy to use , everyone can easily utilize its features.It brings you a magnificence selfies in moments. it is well known by people in different countries due to its bright and illustration selfies. Sweet Selfie Camera is  stunning app for taking selfies in seconds, It takes selfies better than other apps, It is totally free for limited time so donot skip the chance, Now Sweet Selfie camera apk latest version is availabe for you, Now check photos in social media , every body taking selfies with Sweet Selfie Camera, It shines every dark pictures.

Sweet Selfie Camera:
- Cool auto enhance or remodel
-Simple to utilize, turn into delight in single tick
-Splendid selfie screens
-Unique and free channels with identity to zest up your selfie
-Blur and drawings
-Impart selfies with your companions and family on FB ,Twitter, g+
-/Photo filter effects
-Tags attached to selfies
-Genuine camera and Photo Editor


-Personally designed camera and editor 
-Elegant and real time effects
-Tags sign designed for selfie
- Timer for improved selfie creation
- handle selfie stick
- Reflection camera

Additional Information:

-App name: Sweet-Selfie-camera-apk
- Size  :  10. 6 MB
-Latest Version : 2.18.297
-Needs : Android 4.03 and up
-Last update : 12 November ,2016
-Rating : 4.5 out of 5
-Published by: Ufoto-photo for U
Download Sweet Selfie Camera 2.18.297 APK for Android
Download Sweet Selfie Camera 2.18.297 APK for Android

To Download Sweet Selfie Camera APK file,  Click the below link:

Latest Version:Download Sweet Selfie Camera 2.18.297 APK for Android


Monday, 25 July 2016

WeChat APK

Wechat the best app for communication,great deal to understand, standard , stunning user-interface and responsive. Sufficiently straightforward anyone can utilize it and useful that everybody has some utilization for it.
WeChat is an instant messaging and calling application which permits you to link with family, groups, companions throughout the world.It is all in one application for content SMS .MMS , audio chat, Video chat, photograph sharing and recreations.


-Provide :low rate calls to mobile and landline.(in specific areas)
-Messaging: Provides a medium to exchange content,video messaging, photographs etc
-Free :audio, video calls in quality and services across the world
-Group video: chats with friends, maximum 9 members
-Share: your minutes on your own photograph stream
-Best Security: WeChat assured you a better security to your content.
-Join new friend:s use companion radar
-Multiple Language: support ,messages can translate into any your required language

Additional Information:

Size: 33.88 MB
version: 6.22.5
Requirement : android 4.0 and up
Developed by : Wechat Tencen
Last update: 10 July ,2016

Download link: 

From Google play store:

Sunday, 24 July 2016

360 Security Antivirus APK download

It's free safety safeguard and speed promoter for android handset. it is more reliable, favorite by 200 million clients. 360 security is the main holding nothing back one speed rooter and antivirus application that upgrades the your experience application, memory space, cache records and battery life while avoiding your handset safe from infection and different viruses. Download this antivirus as a remedy for your android devices.
Why 360 is necessary?  
-It is the toughest supporter, when your mobile running slow, let 360 is famous to safeguarding.
-It is the most active cleaner, Just clean caches and affected files in single click.
-Best battery saving app
-Best security app to protect your handset from malware, Trojan, adware etc
-Real time security
-Avoids data from using wrong hands
-Speed up your mobile

Additional Information about 360:
File name : 360 security
Size :13.93 MB
New version :3.6.9
Requirement: android 2.3 and up
Rating :4.6 out of5
Developed by : Qihoo 360 (NYSE:QIHU)
update :july1 ,2016

Download links:
 Download 360 security
download 360 security

Download from Google play store:
click here to install from google play store

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Modern Combat 5 Apk for Android free download

You are here to download the amazing game , modern Combat 5 with stunning Graphics, when you will play once then you will be habitual to play more and more. It shows like as it looks, Amps all up to the following level.-128 apps. Harsh control, amazing designs - pocket gamer.
-War has advanced, thus has the best FPS on portable.
Footstep on the war zone with the diversions that increase present expectations for first individuals shooters. Make a gang , include your companions and test your abilities in element multiplayer fights against online opponents from around the globe.

Pick your favourite class:

-7 adaptable classes you can level up crosswise over single and multiplayer
-Discover a playstyle that suits you: Assault , Heavy, Recon, Sniper, Support, Bounty Hunter
-Initiate class particular services by gaining and spending skill points

Powerful Multiplayer:
-watch in fight with the new viewer mode
-epic group conflicts in squad versus squad matches
-Talk to different players in global and squad chat
-Earn handsome prizes in the constraint time occasions

-unlock the higher level weapon by acing lower level onces
-customize the ideal weapons utilizing a large number of connections

Modern combat  5 requires an internet association

Additonal information: 

size :890 MB
Requirement : Android 4.0 and up
Developed by: Gameloft
Last updated: 19 July, 2016

Download link:

Download Modern Combat 5

Google play link:
click here to install from google play store

Friday, 22 July 2016

Download free APK HayDay for android

Hi you are wellcome to Hay Day 1.29.96 apk for android the most standard cultivating diversions on mobile, tablets, top among all the nations.Take in the lay of area, tend to your yield, and exchange properties with neighbours and companions. it is genuine extraordinary area where corps never pass on despite the fact that it never rains. Imparting the homestead to our peculiar creatures just makes things more fun. For your kind information it is free to download but this game have some features to buy for more services, if you not want to buy then set up secret word security for buys in the setting of google play store.


  • Grow and tweak your homestead
  • Trade crops and products with neighbours and companions  through your own one of  kind of roadside shop
  • Fulfill orders with trucks
  • Build your own town and wellcome guest

Players Review:

Hay Day is honored to declare more than five millions 5 stars on google Play

Additional Information:

  • File size:77.72 MB
  • Version: 1.29.96
  • Requiremets: Android 4.0.3 and up
  • Last update: 20 July, 2016
  • Published by: Supercell 


Download link:
download Free Hay Day 

From google play:
install from google play 

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Clash of Clan Apk for android free download

you are here to download Clash of clan 8.332.16 ,the  game of warriors, playing with fires, has the stunning graphics and user friendly interface. From hairy filled beasts amazing mustaches to fire playing criminal wizard raise your own armed forces and lead your tribe to success. Construct your own village to fight off looters, fight against the number of player around globe.This game is free to download but some features to buy, when you not want to use the features then set up a secret key assurance for buys in the setting of your google play store application. According to terms and condition you should be no less than 13 years old to play and download this game. A framework affiliation is also required.


  •  Construct your own town to fight against various payers with stronghold.
  •  Increase your armed forces of beasts
  • Battle with players worldwide to get trophies
  • Join with other players to set up a clan
  • Defend your town with bombs, mortars, cannon and walls

Additonal Information:

  • File size :61.63 MB
  • Requries Android : 4.0.3 and up
  • Installs: 100,000,000 - 500,000,000
  • developed by : Supercell
  • Last update: July 7,2016

To download click the below link:

Google play link:

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Download Pokemon Go APK for Andriod

Hi you are here to download and play the best and in short time famous game Pokemon Go. Pokemon have found in your daily life now it is a time for you find a pokemon so go outside and play with pokemon. you know it is real-life game pokemon are out there in the forest, fields so you have to find them ,as you move around your smartphone give a vibrate when pokemon is nearer to you. Set objective and throw a ball , you will need to stay caution it may escape. scan far and wide for pokemon and other things , certain pokemons are found their surrounding to their lives i-e water sort pokemon by lakes and seas. Visit pokestops found at fascination places like exhibition halls and landmarks. As you level up , then more able to catch powerful pokemon to finish your pokedex.
Its an opportunity to get moving your geniune undertakings awaits.

Follow- Ups:

  • This application is allowed to play and offer in buys.
  • Android friendly game that have 2 Gb ram and have android version 4.4 -  6.0.
  • Compatibility is not ensured devices without Gps capacities or gadget that associated with wi-fi system
  • compatibility with tablets are not ensured.
  • fore more information please visit 

 Additonal Information: 

  • File name: Pokemon Go
  • New version: 0.29.2
  • size: 50.06 MB 
  • Developed by: Niantic, Inc
  • Last update : 16 july, 2016

Download link:

Click to download Pokemon Go

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Temple Run 2 1.30 APK for Android

you are here to download temple run 2  apk for android, having stunning graphics and this new version temple Run 2 brings  you a good additional features. With over an unlimited downloads of temple run 2, Presently a greater amount of exciting running, bouncing , turning and sliding you appreciate in temple run 2. Stay with us and enjoy the temple run 2 new version game.Be a part of temple run 2 game for android and check your passion , how faraway you run . Try to run faster than superior monkey otherwise you will be caught by monkey and game will over , you will no able go to next level of mission. So try your best with money.


  • New outlines and awesome graphics
  • New checks 
  • More powers
  • More attainments and feast/success
  • Distinct  forces for every character
  • New hurdles
  • Superior monkey

About Temple Run 2: 

  • Game Name ; Temple-run-2-apk
  • Size: 51.38 MB
  • Version  1 .30
  • Requires: Android 2.3 and up
  • Published by: Imangi Studios
  • Last update: 4 November,2016 

Temple Run 2  1.30 APK for Android
Temple Run 2  1.30 APK for Android

  Download Apk file of Temple Run 2 1.30 click the below link:

Monday, 18 July 2016

Hill Climbing racing apk free download

You are here to download the Hill climbing Racing apk for android, it is free to play. When you play once then you never left the game. The jumping vehicles flying in the air for the moment and provides amusement to the players. During playing this game you have follow some laws of physics that control the vehicles otherwise your vehicle fall down from hill and will destroy.


- Contain Various vehicles including cars, bikes , trucks etc

- Upgrade portions including engine tires 

- Many platforms with ranks 

- Segment your points with a snapshot with your colleagues!

- Genuine engine sound when you redesign your engine!


Additional Information:

 Game name :  Hill climb racing
Size : 42.53 MB
Version : 1.30.0
Needs : Android 4.2 and up
Provided by : Fingersoft
Last update: 5 July, 2016

Download link: 

To install from google play:

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Marvel contest of Champion APK free download

Marvel contest of champions is classic against fighting action with your preferred Marvel Contest hero in the final fight. Spiderman, Ironman and hugeman are waiting for your call to battle. Gather a team and initiate your mission to become a  winner.You are here to download Marvel contest of Champion APK for android, latest version 11.0. Marvel contest game is stunning free game to download with full activity.

-Build a team with your friends and build a stron coilation .
-Plan with your coilation, aid them keep their champions in the battle.
-Form an immense team of Heroes,
-Choose champions as Iron Man , Hulk, Spider man
-Go on mission to defeat the champion heroes of the world
-Level up and man your team to get extra points
-Ally with friends and others to build strong alliances
-Build a team of champions
You are wellcomed to  contest IRON man Vs Captain of America ,Hulk Vs Wolverne ,Drad Vs Deadpool. The extreme battle of  contest are in your hands, now you can play in you mobiles set.
Lets check who are Champions and who is on your group, So enjoy this amazing and interesting game.

Additional Information: 

  • Game name: Marvel contest
  • Version: 11.0
  • Size: 37.71 MB
  • Needs: Android 4.0 and up
  • Rating: 4.3/5
  • Published by :Kabam
  • Updated: 2 November, 2016

Marvel contest of Champion APK free download
Marvel contest of Champion APK free download

Download Crazy Driver Taxi Duty 3D APK 2.7

Download  Crazy Driver Taxi Duty 3D  APK 2.7
Download  Crazy Driver Taxi Duty 3D  APK 2.7

You are here to download Crazy driver Taxi Duty 3D 2.7 Apk for Android. Are you want to drive a taxi then you have to  join us ,passengers are waiting for u,Take a taxi and drive around the different taxi environment,earn money as much as you can in the crazy driver taxi duty 3D. Racing taxi through traffic on your way to final destination. of customer.You will be given handsome money when you will carry passenger to their final destination on time. Spend your earned money to upgrade your taxi.There is a chance to increase your cash and upgrade your cars.It give you a full time to play a game with different vehicles in a huge traffic,There are so many difficulties to drive a car in a city traffic so you have to follow traffic rules and pick and drop your passenger in time and safely. so stay in-touch with us and boost your driving skill download  Crazy Driver Taxi Duty 3D APK for Android;

  • Features

            -Provides full 3D test system
-stunning racing medium
-Pick and drop system for passengers
-different Missions to enjoy taxi driving
-Timeframe for driving taxi
Additional Information:
Game Name:  crazy-driver-taxi-duty-apk-3d-apk
Size :50.8 MB
Version :2.7
Needs  : Android 2.3 and up
Distributed by : VascoGames
Last Update : 5 September 2016
Rating : 3.9 out of 5

Downloads : 6570

Download apk file of Crazy Driver Taxi Duty 3D, click the below link: