Thursday, 23 June 2016

Police SuperCars Racing Game for pc free download

Police supercars racing game for PC is stunning game, This game is made for windows platform with stunning user interface and excellent Graphics . this games has some restriction during playing, you have to follow traffic rules and not damage the city equipment's. There are different Car available choices and levels to play.This game provides a real life activities such as genuine car racing, real environment for players.It is up to you to follow the rules and regulation of this game. We are here to provide you a games for your  pc and android mobiles. So you are here to download the police supercar racing game for pc, if you feel any problem during using or downloading this game , you may contack us, we will provide you a full information on time. Thanks for visiting our site WWW.APKATM.BLOGSPOT.COM.

Addtional Information:

Game name: police-supercars-racing-game
Size : 51.66 MB
Last update : July 15, 2015

Police SuperCars Racing Game for pc free download
Police SuperCars Racing Game for pc free download
To download click the below link:

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Sniper Fury APK 1.7.1a for Android

Sniper fury is one of the best free action game which contain 3D Stunning Graphics and  its like real battle field actions.It is the wonderful  game of the world with strange graphics, majority of the people of World like this game.The game have countless missions and grand guns that's why this game is favorite one than other shooter games.The sniper shoots to kill the enemies and upgrade your weapons. it is easy to play , to get extra points you will have to do special tasks given. its total size is 47.16 MB, You can download and play the game for free, if you feel any type of problems regarding this  game installation, downloading please informed us, we will provide you an instruction so stay in-touch with us for more games.

Starting Worldwide Operations:

-No time for negotiations, now its time of war, so join us to eradicate evils from the world, Sniper Fury is with you no get tension, shoot the enemies from long range.There is no room to regret so shoot the enemies with your sniper.

A Fabulous fight against Evil:

-130+ exploit missions
-Stunning graphics with awesome locations
-Militarizes, bulletproof vehicles and many other units.


-stabbing rifles, Snipers and personal weapons
collect modules to upgrade your military store

PVP Multiplayer Challenge:

-Take assets from other player by breaking down their defense in PVP multiplayer way.
-Form a robust group to keep your wealth safe in pvp multiplayer way.
Easy to Play and Much Leading:
-Additional rewards for joining the actions in extraordinary actions.
-Various behaviors make enemy unique  to easily shoot.

Additional Information:

-Game name: sniper-fury-apk
-New Version;  1.7.1a
-Size:  47.16 MB
-Needs: Android 4.0 and up
-Distributed by:  Gameloft
-Last Update:   13 October, 2016
-Rating: 4.2 out of 5

Sniper Fury APK for Android
Sniper Fury APK for Android
To download  apk file of Sniper Fury 1.7.1a click the below link:

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Dolphin Browser apk

You are here wellcome to download the new version of Dolphin browser, It is the top/greatest browser for android and  it provides you a fast quick loading,video player, tab bars for android handset. The dolphin name is given to this browser due to its fastest speed and it is among the top browsers like uC-browser ,chrome etc. It contain mulitple features flash player, automatic adverstisment block.It has unlimitted downloads across the world, Stay intouch with us for new versions of this app.


-Adverstisment blocker
-Flash player
- Manifold tabs
-Bookmarks and cookies
-undercover searching 
- High speed downloading
-Motions and movements
-Modified searching i-e google, yahoo

Additional Information:

-updated version: 11.5.8
-Size :17.85 MB
-OS : android 4.0 and up
-Last update:July 10 2016
Published by: Dolphin browser








 To download click the below link:

Friday, 17 June 2016

Download Facebook Messenger Apk for Android

Facebook Messenger Apk is the best communication app which provides you instant messaging , audio and  video calling services. By using this App you can also sent messages to your mobile contact , It is best for group conservation's, you can also turn off notification and it tells about your locations.It is free to use, you don't have to pay pay per message send, you need only Wifi connection and use it for free of cost.Make a group of people which you send more messages and  in single click send message to all. Call to your friends, family across the world for free, no extra charges will be applied. Facebook Messenger apk offers you a best services and easy medium to communication.It is very user friendly application, millions of people have used it as a favorite app. So enjoy and download facebook messenger apk for android and interconect with your friends.


- Know about previous messages
-Store old messages in inbox
-search for people and groups
-Just turn On location which tells you about nearby poople
-Option for turn off notifications
-shows online users

Addtional Information:

App name : facebook-messenger-apk
Version  ;
Size     :  57.35 MB
Needs : Android 5.0 and up
Distributed by : Facebook
Last update: October 24, 2016
Rating : 3.9 out of 5
Download Facebook Messenger  Apk for Android
Download Facebook Messenger  Apk for Android

For download Click the below link:

Thursday, 16 June 2016

download gunship battle helicopter apk for Android

Gunship Battle apk helicopter game for android is an amazing and interesting 3D game  , the world most famous and powerful choppers on your hand with military actions. It contains digital weapons to fight against terrorist so Be a pilot of helicopter and keep an eye on terrorist through aerial guarding, Gunship Battle has a stunning 3D graphics and provides different action missions, So be a part of this game and conquer the city of terrorist.There are millions of downloads and followers of this game across the world due to user friendly environment provided by developers of this action game.


-Like panel enhanced for 3D aircraft
-Choose from the extensive variety of helicopters , each with specific qualities
-Support your Helicopter with assortment of guns and kit
-Whole mission in affair style moved by genuine clashes
-Contest manually with the following mission and rerun the practice mission
-Boosted for tablet handsets

Additional information:

game name: gunship-battle-helicopter-apk
Size: 90 MB
Needs: Android 4.0 and up
Distributed by: Joycity Corp.
Last Update:12 Oct, 2k16
download gunship battle helicopter apk for Android
download gunship battle helicopter apk for Android

Click the below link to Download:
download gunship battle helicopter apk for Android

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Asphalt 8 v2.7.1a apk download

You are here to know and download theAsphalt 8 v2.7.1a apk for android. It requires android 2.3 and up. It is easy and free to play So, there are millions plus followers of Asphalt 8 v2.7.1a .It provides a stunning medium for players with different modes i.e desert,Iceland and other fairy planes.All the available tracks are in genuine style, when you play once then you will never left.Enjoy the boundless highway with high speed of car.This game requires 1.8 GB memory space in your internal disk to install and it contain marvelous 3D graphics and stunning user interface to play. Promotions and bonuses will be given to the top player, when you played well. Lets check Asphalt 8 2.7.1a apk and download it for free from our sites.


-Genuine Engine sound
-Original vehicles and roads
-unlimited track
-multiplayer game
-High speed racing game
-aerial capable actions

Additional Information:

Game name: asphalt 8 airborne apk
Version: 2.7.1a
Size: 55.39 MB
Needs; Android 2.3 and up
Distributed by :Gameloft
Last Update: Oct, 17, 2016
Rating: 4.5 out or 5

Asphalt 8 2.7.1a apk download
Asphalt 8 2.7.1a apk download

To download click below link:

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team 1.7.0 apk download

Your are here to download the FIFA 15 Ultimate team 1.7.0 apk for your android. It offers you an EA features with different teams and players of  countries. This game shows good user interface and excellent 3D graphics but it consumes 1.4 GB memory from your Hard-drive to install. its free to download .If you found troublesome during downloading or running this apk file, feel free and contact with us, we are here for your help. you know that FIFA is the most playing game in the world, there are millions of lovers of this game. Every body loves the champions of footballer Ronaldo, Messi due to their best playing tactics So you may download the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team 1.7.0 apk file and play the football be one of the champions.
-Form your Eventual club/Group
-Play in speedy model Style
-Like Actual World Matches

Additional Information:

Game Name : FIFA 15 Ultimate Team apk
Version: 1.70
Size : 1.4 GB
Published by :ElECTRONIC ARTs
Needs :Android 2.3 and up
Last update March 1, 2016
FIFA 15 Ultimate Team 1.7.0 apk download
FIFA 15 Ultimate Team 1.7.0 apk download

For download click the below link:
From Zippyshares:
FIFA 15 Ultimate Team 1.7.0 apk download
Direct download:

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Download Candy Crush Saga apk

Download Candy Crush Saga apk is an android game which is among the  high ranking games, it is free to play with good User Interface design, you can also play this game on facebook, twitter etc online.It provide tremendous graphics and stunning environment to play game.It is easy to play in all modes. There are millions of followers of Candy Crush Saga apk including kids,and young people across the worldwide. So download Candy Crush Saga apk for android, if you feel any type of hurdles during installation or running this application, you may contact with us directly or through commenting on our website. we will get response you in time.  Lets check this game you will play forever.


-Delicious methods to play: objective scored ,scheduled points and drop down mode
-Gather sugar drops to movement along sugar track
-Rotation every promoter wheel for tasty awards
-Permit level 50 to open dreamworld
-Undo the lovely situation and meet the sugary types
 -100 of best levels in Candy Crush saga for your entertainment
-Leaderboards to watch your companion and opponents
-Expose full game when you connected to internet

Additional Information:

game name: Candy Crush Saga apk
Version: 1.801.1
Size: 66.56 MB
Needs : Android 2.3 and up
Provided by: King
Last update: 26 July, 2016
Download Candy Crush Saga apk
Download Candy Crush Saga apk

Click the below link to Download this game:
Install from Google play:
click here

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Du Battery Saver apk Download

DU Battery Saver apk download for Android is an excellent App for power saving of your mobile battery.It extends the power capacity of  Battery. By using this App you can control the performance of  your battery and power management.This App also shows the current status of battery during using App.There are millions of people love to use this application because they need their mobile battery life long. With DU Battery saver apk you can pre-set the battery life modes on just one click. DU Battery Saver Apk is necessary to install for all , especially travelers during travelling time we face so many problems regarding mobile battery. When we are in troublesome , we have no other choice to come out  from this problem then the Du Battery Saver apk download will be helpful in this matter. So install and enjoy the Du battery Saver apk for your android mobile.


-On one Click change and fix the battery performance
-Predefined your battery modes and consumption
-Battery observer, how much battery consumes the running apps
-Digital Charge Status: shows current status of battery and remaining battery life

Additional Information:

App name: Du battery saver apk
Size: 7.44 MB
Latest version:
Needs: Android 4.0 and up
Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Distributed by: DU apps studio
Last Update: 26 September 2k16

Du Battery Saver apk Download
Du Battery Saver apk Download 

 Download Link :

Friday, 10 June 2016

SHAREit 3.6.58 Apk free download for Android

SHAREit 3.6.58 Apk free download  for Android is the best powerful tool used to  share any type of data in  seconds, faster than bluetooth ,no need of cable to connect devices, easy to pair devices and send data without any internet connection. It is designed for  Cross-platform, you can connect your android mobile with laptops , IOS and Windows phone etc. It works 100 times faster than bluetooth and other devices so it is the choice of 10000 million people. Shareit Apk is easy to use, stunning user interface , everybody can use it easily without any difficulty. If you feel any diffuculty while using this application then you may contact with us, we will provide u full description about how to use SHAREit 3.6.58 Apk free download  for Android.


-no network constraint
-High data transfer rate
-no platform restriction
-Transfer all kind of data
-Data copying in mini seconds
-User friendly and easy to use

Additional Information about SHAREit 3.6.58 Apk free download  for Android:

-App name: SHAREit 3.6.58 Apk
-size: 5.57 MB
-Latest Version :3.6.58
-Needs:Android 2.2 and up
-Distributed by: Lenovo corp
-Last update: 11 September 2016
-Rating: 4.5 out of  5

SHAREit 3.6.58 Apk free download  for Android
Shareit 3.6.58 apk free download

To download click the below link:

From Zippyshares;
From Sendspace:

Piano Tiles 2 Apk for Android

Piano Tiles 2 Apk for android is famous game with multiple instrument for players, With Best sound music you can enjoy the Piano Tiles 2 with different songs. Millions of fans of this Piano Tiles Apk in all over the world.It is free to download, So lets enjoy this game:
-More tools includes  with traditional/Standards
-Modern music encouraging you close by standard song
-Easy to utilize superlative graphics effect
-Contest with worldwide players
-Love a trademark quality of sounds

Additional Information:

-App name : Piano Tiles 2 Apk
Size: 23.58 MB
Version :
Needs : android 4.0.3 and up
Published by :Clean master Games
Last update : 24 May ,2016

Piano Tiles 2 Apk for Andoid
Piano Tiles 2 Apk for Android

 To download click below link :
click to download
 Install from google play:

click to install from Google play 

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Grand Gangster 3D game for Andriod

Grand gangster game for andriod is free for download it has alot of features to use, for example 15+ weapons, vehicles , you have to follow the rules of these games i-e traffic rules ,you can steal the cars etc found alot of fun in this game.

for download click the below link:

click to download

Hunting Safari 3D game for Andriod

Hunting Safari 3D game for android is amazing new game developed by programmers, Select the wild animal which you are going to hunt and select weapon and improve your hunting skills.

for download click link below: