Thursday, 29 December 2016

Hungry Shark Apk 4.5.0 for Android

Hungry Shark the best game for android, Take grip of your Hungry Shark in this action bursting sea journey. Stay alive as long as potential by eating or bothering all that catches your manner. Several dissimilar sharks to gather and develop, containing the hammerhead,Great white.


-comfort excellence, 3D illustrations
-14 shark categories to reveal
-gigantic free rendering world to discover
-Spontaneous touch control
-15 having sunk bonuses to discover
-75 complete missions
-prepare your shark with superior tools
-Crack baby shark to enhance your destructive
-Combo awards to beat your high score
Hungry Shark is newly updated game , Stay in touch  with us and get new updated version of hungry shark from our site.

Additional Information:

-Game Name: hungry-shark-Evolution-apk
-Version : 4.5.0
-Size :  92.38 MB
-Needs : Android 4.0 and up
-LastUpdate:  15, December 2016
-Distributed by: Future Games of London
Hungry Shark Apk 4.5.0 for Android
Hungry Shark Apk 4.5.0 for Android
Download Hungry Shark Evolution Apk File Click the below Link:

Sunday, 25 December 2016

Go To Car Driving APK 3.1 for Android

Go to Car Driving  is a game of city which offers a stunning medium to drive a car across the different cities. There are so many different vehicles to drive, you can choose your favorite Car and drive on the traffic. Enhance your driving skills through driving a car on traffic.The game possess an illustrative graphics and outstanding cites. Download and play Go to Car Driving game and be winner.
-Magnificent Graphics
- Splendid Highways
-Various Cars
-The probability of plane
-Beautiful cites

Additional Information:

-Game Name: go-to-car-driving-apk
Version : 3.1
Size : 16.68 MB
Needs : Android 2.3 and up
Distributed By :Filaret
Last Update : 8 November, 2016
Go To Car Driving APK 3.1 for Android
Go To Car Driving APK 3.1 for Android
Download the Apk File of Go to Car Driving Click below Link:

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Download Township 4.4.2 APK For Android

Township is a distinctive assortment of city constructing and agricultural things, Form your vision township, yield produces, procedure them at your accommodations, and vend belongings, things to form your settlements. Business with detached isles and develop your business abroad. Develop cafeterias, film halls and other public attractive constructions to provide life in your rural life unusual aroma. Discover the archaeological site to acquire properties and discover earliest things. Gather creatures from everywhere the world and run your personal park or zoo.
So prepare yourself to fulfill your daydreams let’s start build impossible things to possible.


-Distinctive constructions and beautifications you can practice them to form your vision town
Several garners to produce and well along process at your place of work
Entertain, fascinating people of town with order to fulfill
-pretty creatures take care of
-Agricultural land to expand and accomplish and enlarge
-Interesting things transported from isles
-Form a zoo with variety of creatures
-Prominent revolutions to beautify your village

Additional Information:

App Name: township-apk
Version : 4.4.2
Size : 96.27
Needs : Android 4.0 and up
Distributed by: Playrix Games
Last Update : 14 December, 2016
Download Township 4.4.2 APK
Download Township 4.4.2 APK 

Click the below Link to Download Township Apk file:
Download Township 4.4.2 APK

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Download Power Security APK 1.0.18 for Android

Power Security the best antivirus for clean your mobile phone from viruses, malware, bugs. This application removes viruses in real time and provides a  best security to your phone data. Power Security is cleaning your viruses in a way that your data in mobile phone will safe in a good manner.It is very lite to use, Don't consume a more storage from you phone. So download and install power security apk  and  get rid from bugs and viruses.


It will protect your mobile phone form bugs, Easily scan your viruses and clean your handset.If you  install this app your mobile will free form security issues.
-Real Time Safety:
installed app scanning and auto hide viruses, malware, bugs
-Network Security:
provides safety from the bad networks
-App locker:
Lock essential apps,safe your secrecy information form others
-Boost Speed:
Kill the background running applications and boost your phone speed
-Garbage Scanner:
Scan chunk files in very less time, Scan GB's data in minutes

Additional Information:

App Name : power-security-apk
Version:  1.0.18
Size : 3.16 MB
Needs: Android 4.0 and up
Distributed by; LIONMOBI (security)
Last Update: 16 December 2016
Download Power Security APK 1.0.18 for Android
Download Power Security APK 1.0.18 for Android

Download the Apk File of Power Security Click the Below Link:
Download Power Security APK 1.0.18 for Android

Sunday, 18 December 2016

Download Freeroam City Online APK 1 for Android

Freeroam City offers online playing game with stunning graphics and user friendly environment that's why millions of followers of this game across the world.So don't miss a chance to play and download this game. you may play Freeroam city online with up to 100 persons groups per server with vehicle , Planes , Weapons. Relish fun with reactive automobile dynamics in its place normal genuinely tedious games. Cars, Snipers, planes, guns etc.
Innovative Illustration with improved routine, Download and play multiplayer with your friends , family and love once in a special server up to maximum 100 peoples

Additional Information:

-Game Name; freeroam-city-online-apk
-Size : 53.9 MB
- LatestVersion : 1
- Distributed by:  indigo
- Added:  November 13, 2016
-Needs : Android 4.0.3 and up
Download Freeroam City Online APK 1 for Android
Download Freeroam City Online APK 1 for Android

Download Apk file of Freeroam City Online Apk Click the below link:

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Moto Delight APK 1.03 for Android

Moto Delight is a free racing game with Stunning graphics which you are looking for: Prepared yourself to play with desert, dunes , forest locations by your moto Delight. Look the contests of exclusive physics created stages. Moto Delight Apk now offers you the best racing environment, so install an download the game Moto Delight on your android devices. If you found any query regarding apk file downloading then feel free and contact with us.


-Stunning graphics with genuine shadow view
-Genuine  Motor Bikes with real sound
-30 dissimilar stages with remarkable hurdles
-User friendly environment
-3 Motor Bikes available
- Various hats available to altered the bike riders.
-level corrector

Additional Information:

Game Name : moto-delight-apk
Version : 1.03
Size  : 26.15 MB
Needs : 2.3 and up
Distributed By: Brain Overload
Released Date: 8 December, 2016
Moto Delight APK 1.03 for Android
Moto Delight APK 1.03 for Android

Click the below Link to Download Apk file of Moto Delight:

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Download Racing In Car 1.0 Apk for Android

You are here to download Racing in car Apk for android, there are so many boundless racing games available but the Racing in Car is the greatest game for android mobiles. This game provides you a best medium to drive your car, Here we offer you a car racing which you are searching to download and play on your android mobile. It delivers very friendly environment, unlimited traffic racing game.
Incline your handset to strain your racing car , where you wish to drive, overtake the traffic, get coins and purchase new vehicles.

Features ;

- Very Simple and friendly to drive
-3D genuine battleground sight 
-Boundless game style
-Various places and cars to select
-Emulator like panel
Train yourself by driving racing in car and build your driving skills this might be very helpful in your real life experience

Additional Information:

-Game Name: racing-in-car-apk
-Version : 1.0
-Size : 37.68
-Needs : Android 2.3.3 and up
-Released By: Fast Free Games
-Last Update : 22 November, 2016
-Rating : 4.3 out of 5
Download Racing In Car 1.0 Apk for Android
Download Racing In Car 1.0 Apk for Android
Download the Apk file of Racing in car Apk Click the Below Link:

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Download Tank Robot 1.0 Apk for Android

Tank Robot is an action 3D fighting game with rocket propelled grenade (rpg). RPG is used against tanks that fires missiles to destroy the huge tanks.The game Tank Robot offers 2 diverse fighting methods with own sorts. 3D stunning graphics and locations maps are available for your information.
Mechs aggressive on the city, Control the tank robot by yourself and fight against the adversaries.
You have to fight strongly to defeat the mechs otherwise you will be killed. now the real War is goona start, huge guns are in your hands. Complete the missions to get followers who will aid to blessed the missions.

Additional Information:

Game Name: tank-robot.apk
Version: 1.0
Size ; 98.27 MB
Needs; Android 2.3 and up
Distributed by : Mine Apps Craft
Released Date: 30 November, 2016
Rating : 4.3 out of 5
Download Tank Robot 1.0 Apk for Android
Download Tank Robot 1.0 Apk for Android

Click the below Link to Download Apk file of Tank Robot :

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Download Busted Brakes Apk for Android

Busted Brakes is the best vehicles driving game, now your brakes are smashed it's bad news, you have to care about the city decoration, avoid to destruction in a city, Attempt to drive a car without thrashing cars, constructions, houses and shops. Gather coins, jewels, and other things to enlarge the decoration room. you can reveal the 20 plus vehicles including cars, tanks , bikes, helicopters and lot of missions. Busted Brakes game apk provides you a stunning medium to play game, and offers an illustrative graphics. So never miss a game, download and play Busted Brakes.


-Simple one tap panel and fast game assemblies.
-23 special vehicles including Cars, bikes, Helicopters.
-Animatedly change environment, day , night,climate situation
-5 special missions per car.

Additional Information:

Game Name: busted-brakes-apk
Size : 49.99 MB
Version : 1.0.1
Needs : 4.0 and up
Distributed by : ketchapp
Last Update : 9 December, 2016
Download Busted Brakes Apk for Android
Download Busted Brakes Apk for Android

Click the below Link to Download the Busted Brakes APK:

Friday, 9 December 2016

UC Browser APK for Android

UC Browser is the fastest browser for online video streaming and TV channel with high speed. UC browser have their own server for fastest downloading i-e videos, audios , software's, game apk files, Content etc.It provides adBlock to prevent you from irrelevant ads during your working time.When you install UC browser once then you don't need to install the downloader for your android phones. UC browser has its own downloader to serve their customers.

Features of UC Browser:

-Fast and steady Steering
-Fast Streaming
-provides smooth downloading
-Switch videos with motions
-Darkness Style

-UC Browser compress your download data and it saves your MB's data
-its own Server provides a smooth and fast downloading
-Sound, illuminations,advancement are controlled through motions in UC browser
-Darkness Style provides a vivid way to  read more in night time.

Additional Information:

App Name; uc-browser-apk
Size :  18.67 MB
Needs;  Android 4.0 and up
Offered by;  UCWeb Inc
Last Update : November 28, 2016
Rating : 4.5 out of 5
 UC Browser APK  for Android
 UC Browser APK  for Android

Download the APK file of UC Browser Click the below Link;

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Download Hibernation Manager 2.2.3 APK for Android

Android mobiles are made to do task 24 hour in a day. If you don't use it, Hibernation Manager aids you to store power of battery when you don't use your mobile.When the screen is off, it hibernates your processor settings and apps to save battery life.
CPU Hibernation:
CPU hibernation robotic ally arrange CPU processor to the lowermost power which safeguards you to save battery life.CPU is the main component of of device, it is called brain of device which performs task given to it instantly.The CPU consumes more power and is consumed when you don't need it. That's why CPU regularity needs to be dropped when screen is off.
Setting Hibernation:
Select which setting will robotic ally deactivated when your screen is off and enable when your screen is ON.if you not want of modify your settings and store more power. This option will be best for you.
Application Hibernation:
Select the  battery consuming applications which will be hibernated when screen is OFF. The installed apps on your mobile consumes more battery. it stops such type of apps by hibernating and save your battery life 
Battery Widgets :helps you to regulate Hibernation manager.

Additional Information:

App Name : hibernation-manager
Version: 2.2.3
Size : 1.6 MB
Needs: Android 2.2.3 and up
Last Update: 5 December 2016
Distributed by: Dominik Nozka
Download Hibernation Manager 2.2.3 APK for Android
Download Hibernation Manager 2.2.3 APK for Android

Download Apk File Click below Link:

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Shadow Fight 2 Apk Download

Shadow Fight 2  is an amazing  and interesting fighting game. The diversions give you a chance to outfit your character with unlimited weapons and uncommon support sets. Squash your enemies , mortify evil presence supervisors and be the follower of shadow fight. It offers you a real world fighting game as you can kick, punch, hop. Fight against your opponents and be a winner of shadow fight 2.
-Destroy your adversaries with wonderfully control
-Provides battling interface for fighting
-Voyage through six distinct universe brimming with threatening devils  in this activity stuffed
adrenaline energized battle.
-Modify your fighter with classic sword ,strengthening suits  , supernatural forces and the land is limited for fighters.
lets start the fighting game and invite your friends to battle field and  start a contest, be a winner of fighting game;

Additional Information:

Game Name: shadow-fight2-apk
Version: 1.9.26
Size :  85.58 MB
Needs : Android 3.0 and up
Distribute by : NEKKI
Last update : December 2, 2016
Rating : 4.6 out of 5
Shadow Fight 2 Apk Download
Shadow Fight 2 Apk Download

Download the Apk file of Shadow Fight 2 Click the Below Link:
Shadow Fight 2 Apk Download

Friday, 2 December 2016

Download Instagram Apk 10.30.0 for Android

You are here to Download Instagram APK for android, It offers you a best medium to share your thoughts with your friends, family and love ones. Instagram apk provides instantly detention and  sharing of  moments. Follow the people from all over the world  that sharing moments you like. Join the communal of 500 million public and express  and share your thoughts, update your status instantly with  your friends. It is free to use and user friendly social application. So download and install Instagram Apk for android and stay connected to your love ones.
-Upload photos, video clips on your profile
-Share photos, videos to your love once
-Brings you drawing and text tools
-See the stories of peoples  from the World
-Follow the people
-Send and receive private messages, photos , videos to friends instantly.
-Immediately share your status to Facebook , twitter an d Tumblr etc
- Show your live status and connect to your friends.

Additional Information:

App Name :instagram.apk
Size :  29.09 MB
Version : 10.30.0
Needs: Android 4.1 and up
Distributed by: Instagram
Last Update:  17 July, 2017
Download Instagram Apk 10.30.0 for Android
Latest Version: Instagram Apk 10.30.0 Latest Version

Click the below Link to Download Apk file of Instagram App:

Latest Version: Download Instagram Apk 10.30.0

Old Version:Download Instagram Apk 10.0.1 for Android

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Download Google Play Services 10.0.84 (440-137749526) APK for Android

Google Play Store the most popular store named as for keeping  their users connected to  latest and  updated applications and games. This app provides you more about validations to your google facilities, matched friends, admittance to user privacy settings and location based services.
Google Play Store app boost your application capability. It provides fast speed to offline searches and  boost the games capabilities. Google play store alerts you about all the latest and emerging apps, when you get registered with Google play store it will notify every time about every update.

Additional Information:

App Name: google-play-services
Size: 54.53 MB
Needs: Android 6.0 and up
Version: 10.0.84(440-137
Distributed by: Google Inc
Last update: 14, November 2016
Download Google Play Services 10.0.84 (440-137749526) APK for Android
 Download Google Play Services 10.0.84 (440-137749526) APK for Android

Download Apk File Click the below Link:

Download Google Play Services 10.0.84 (440-137749526) APK for Android

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Download Snapchat APK for Android

The best and fastest live chatting tool, Snapchat offers you fast communication services, Now you can easily chat instantly with your family, friends and love ones. It brings you more fun with snapping. Snapchat users can easily take or protect your messages, by compelling a screenshot or snapshot or through camera. Be aware what you are suddenly snap. Snapchat apk offered by Snapchat Inc and its total size is 74.05 MB.
What’s new in Snapchat?
Ranks and determine
Take snap share it to your love ones.
Tap the left display to go back

Use your outer camera , video calling to use lenses

Additional Information:

-App name : snapchat-apk
-Size : 74.05 MB
-Version :
-Needs : Android 4.1 and up
-Last Update : November 16, 2016
-Distributed by :Snapchat Inc
Download Snapchat 9.43.05 apk
Download Snapchat 9.43.05 apk

Download the Snapchat Apk Click the below Link:

Saturday, 26 November 2016

1+2=3 1.3 APK download for Android

Here we offer you a mathematical game One plus Two = Three apk, we check out that how much you are genius and your brain works. All the question and answers comprised with 1, 2 ,3, plus , minus. It looks like simple game but it is exciting and puzzling game. Test your basic mathematics skills with this application, improve your brain processing and play with your kids. As you Know this is an educational application, lets play 1+2=3 game with your kids and compare your skills with your kids. Be a best scorer of this  game.
Note: Don;t Ignore this game.
How to play?
Learn timely maths basic questions and answers
Check the questions first and select the correct one.

Enter the  true answers with fast speed as you can.

Additional Information:

File Name:1+2=3 apk
Type: Educational Game
Latest Version :1.3
Total Size : 2.1.9 MB
Needs : Android 4.3 and up
Uploaded :  21 November 2016
Distributed by: Pine Entertainment
1+2=3 1.3 APK download for Android

Download  the Apk file of 1+2=3 1.3 APk Game:
Click the below Link:

Friday, 11 November 2016

Download Need for Speed No Limits 1.6.6 Apk

Need for Speed No Limits race for power in the white reputation publication of need for speed No Limits ready for mobile. The developers took you real racing. Construct your vision trip with fantastic collection of cars and adjustments. Introduce yourself in this racing club, Pick your favorite racing car, win the race, now there is chance to drive and win the race. Make your selection and start the game, it’s time to play. This application suggestion in app buying, you may disable it from your mobile settings.This game offers you a stunning graphics,different locations of the world, that's it the favorite game of different World of people.

Choose your Car:

Take a your favorite racing cars from top production companies i.e BMW, McLaren, Porsche and more. Take them to the road and become a part of car racer team, win the contest.

Drive Fast  with no Fear:

Drive fast your car without any fear, Speed over jumps, in traffic, and walls to win the game. No need to down the speed because your opponents cars have high speed.

Race to Win:

-Take part in the race and win the race
-This game provides a stunning medium, roads , locations , so every body can easily race, so ride your car , win the race.

Additional Information:

-Game Name: need-for-speed_no-limits-apk
Latest Version: 1.6.6
Size:  14.7 MB
Needs : Android 4.0.3 and up
Distributed by : ELECTRONIC ARTS
Rating : 4.3 out of 5
Last update : November 2, 2016
Download Need for Speed No Limits Apk
Download Need for Speed No Limits Apk

Download the Apk file of  Need for speed No limits Android game:

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Google Maps 9.40.2 APK download

Google Maps Apk is the most emerging application, which guides you in every step of your life. Travel somewhere you want, don’t worry, Now Google Maps is with you, Install google map on your mobile which provides fully real time GPS directions, traffic flow, transportation and specifies about millions of places across the world, such as reviews and general times. It works on GPS system so it totally need internet for online searches. It's offline Apk file is also available. So stay in touch with us for more information, Thanks.
-Fast real time updates to Visitors
-Stay connected with tired traffic conditions
-Pick your vehicles, bus ,train with real time transportation information
-Save time with Google Maps apk which automatically routing online live traffic, tracks and restaurants and many more.
-Direction with path supervision so you don’t slip the path.
-Catch near, shops, bridges, parks, and famous locations
-Choose the best places to go and put your reviews, rating.
-Helping other peoples to put your reviews on known places
-Visit the whole World, now on your mobile ,computers.
-Details and actual maps of 220 countries and their cities.

-Transportation lists and business information maps for all cities.

Additional Information:

App Name :Google-maps-apk
Version : 9.40.2
Size : 35.32 MB
Needs: Android 4.3 and up
Distributed by: Google Inc.
Last update :November 4, 2016
Rating : 4.3 out of 5

Google Maps 9.40.2 APK download
Google Maps 9.40.2 APK download 

Dowload Apk File of Google Maps, Click the below Link:

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Download WhatsApp Messenger 2.16.310 APK for Android

WhatsApp Messenger Apk is one of the best free communication app for android operating systems and smartphones.WhatsApp needs internet connection 2G,3G,4G network or WiFi to connect to the other devices which have WhatsApp already installed.By using this app you can conduct and get calls, messages, videos, leaflets , images, voice messages to your family, friends and love ones across the world.There is no extra charges deduction from WhatsApp users, when you have free WiFi connection or any internet connection. You don’t need to pay for every message and call like mobile networks. Its totally free for all user in the entire world. You don’t need to pay any subscription payments for using this application.We are providing you a best free applications which are very useful in business communication, education sector and any other places where these apps are widely used to solve the problems in your lives.

Free App , NO Charges:

It is totally free , no need to pay for any type of services in Whatspp Messenger.
-You have only internet connections to use it for free
-No subscription fee will be deducted


Send and receive calls, images, documents to their love ones across the world

Free Calls:

Free calls to every corner of the world where your friends and family members lives in, no international call charges will be applied.

Group Chat:

 Group chat service is available in Whatsapp messengers you can form a group of friends and family to chat, even this service is better for business purpose.

WhatsApp Web:

you can also get messages and calls of Whatsapp  from your PC browser .

Addtional Inforamation:

App name: whatsapp-messenger-apk
Version: 2.16.310
Size :26.5 MB
Needs :Android 2.3.3 and up
Distributed by: WhatApp Inc
Last Update :15 October, 2016
Rating :4.4 out of 5
Downloads : 2522875
Download WhatsApp Messenger 2.16.310 APK for Android
Download WhatsApp Messenger 2.16.310 APK for Android

Download APK File of WhatsApp Messenger:

Monday, 7 November 2016

Download Real Racing 3 4.7.2 apk for android

Real racing 3 is the best android game that sets  a new  standard for  racing games in android.To get confirmation , you need to play this game in your mobile, I hope you will get satisfied from Real Racing 3. This application deals in app purchases. You can disable it form your mobile settings.There are 200 Million followers across the world . Real Racing 3 features forever mounting schedules of formally approved with 39 tracks at 17 actual world places, a 43 car network over 140 exactly comprehensive cars from top  producers. It offers real time multiplayer, night racing and innovative time shifted multiplayer technology, and permitting you to contest anyone at anytime.

Admiration's for Real Racing 3:

-New age group in advance of the race
-A spectacular graphics on your mobiles

Genuine Cars:

Take the Steering of over 140  powerful autos producers like Ferrari, Mercedes, BMW and check your racing skills.

Genuine Tracks:

Real racing 3 offers you a world-wide magnificent location for racing i.e meadows, city tracks, dunes etc

More Choices:

Contest in over unlimited events containing cup races, eradication and survival challenges.
choose from wide range of upgrades to increase your car performance.Customize your car 
with different color and frame.

Additional Information:

game name: real-racing-3-apk
Version: 4.7.2
Size : 61.4 MB
Needs: Android 4.0.3 and up
Distributed by: ELECTRONIC ARTS
Released Date: 1 November, 2016
Download Real Racing 3 4.7.2 apk for android
Add Download Real Racing 3 4.7.2 apk for android

Download apk file to click the below Link;

Friday, 28 October 2016

Iron Tanks 2.43 Apk download for android

You are about to download and visit about Iron tanks 2.43 apk for android, Now a day the king of battle is Iron Tanks 2.43 instead of AK47. The iron tanks are bullet proof , no any weapons like Ak47, snipers, LMG's  bullet  does not cross the iron tank's body, you are safe in a tank.Destroy the enemies check post with your tank, create destruction on opponent's sides so they will not able to harm you.
when any vehicle touches your iron tank it will destroy on the spot. More than millions of players playing this game across the world. It is very exciting and impressive battle against challengers.Renovation your tank  and become stronger, quicker and fatal. Aspect your supports in battle ground and feel the fighting power of the tank.The game provides stunning graphics and user friendly environment for players so it is one of the favorite tank battle game of different  countries of the people.If you feel any problem regarding this game or downloading file you may contact with us through commenting , we will back to you in time.

-Genuine tanks
-Real rivals
-different upgrade units
-War fields
-real weapon sounds
-online battle with groups

Additional Information:

-Game Name ; iron-tanks-apk
-Latest Version: 2,43
-Size: 91.6 MB
-Needs : 4.0.3 and up
-Distributed by: Extreme Developers
-Rating: 4.3 out of 5
-Last Update: 26 Oct, 2016
Iron Tanks 2.43 Apk download for android
Iron Tanks 2.43 Apk download for android

For Download Apk file click the below Links:
Iron Tanks 2.43 Apk download for android

Friday, 7 October 2016

WIFI WPS WPA TESTER 3.3 Apk download for Android

WIFI WPS WPA TESTER APK is the Best application for  Wifi Password hackers. By using WIFI WPS WPA TESTER you can easily hack the password of any secured internet connection. Now its good news for all android users that you can trace the Wifi password of your friend, family or university Wifi internet connection. It is guaranteed that this app works 100% surely.Just download and make a try to use the secured internet connection. Now it's time to save money, no need to  buy internet connection, you have to just click and  download the WIFI WPS WPA TESTER APk for free internet usage by hacking WIFI password. The basic requirement  of this  applications is Android version Lollipop 4.0 and up.So download and Share this application with your friends enjoy free of cost internet connection on your android mobile. Stay connect with us for more Apps.


-Real password provider
-High response
-User friendly interface

Additional Information:

-size : 4.4 MB
-Version: 3.3
-Needs: Android 4.0 and up
-Distributed by: Alessandro Sangiorgi
-Released Date: 25 Sept, 2016
-Rating : 4.0

For Download Click the below Link:
Wifi WPS WPA TESTER 3.3 APK (4.4 MB)

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Earn to die 2 APk Free Download

You are here to download the top level and newly distributed game: Earn to die 2 apk free download for android.This game contain a stunning graphics and very user friendly interface for players. In this game you have to select a Car and drive through zombies  end , follow the graph to hit the zombies.
A departure ship is tending to the opposite side of state.It is the only way for you when zombies defeated you. With just and once-over auto and little measure of money you confront a commonplace circumstance to drive through groups of zombies so as to live.

Type New Tier Fashion:

Earn to die 2 presents immense new story styles , five intervals longer than their ancestors. The diversions leaves its well known deserts setting and digs into pits of urban areas invaded by zombies.

Multi Divisions Stages:

Levels are presently multi-layered , drive crosswise over rotted freeway bridges, by means of underground passages or crush through epic zombie filled production lines. Whichever the way you take, don't have capacity to get away from the zombies swarm, Your exclusive decision is to crush them.

Form a Zombie Crushing Machine:

Open and update 10 distinct vehicles, including a game auto, flame truck, dessert van. Every vehicle can be furnished with scope of redesigns. e.g defensively covered edges, rooftop mounted weapons. Sponsors and sky is the limit from there.

Destructible Automobiles:

Automobiles are completely destructible , Hold tight for your life and auto gets crushed to bits on the off chance that you aren't excessively cautious.

More Zombies More Destruction More Chaos

The saving boat not waits forever. Set yourself for wide-ride genuinely there is nothing at all like crushing through zombies filled industrial facilities.

Free to Play:

Earn to die 2 game is best game and free to play across the world

Additional Information:

Game name: Earn to die 2 apk
Size:  98.94 MB
New Version: 1.0.87
Needs : Android 2.3.3 and up
Distributed by: Not Doppler
Last Update: Sept 6, 2k16

For Download Click the below Links:
Earn to die 2 New Version download
Download From Sendspace:
Earn to die 2

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Poopoo Cat 2.6.0 apk download

Best newly released game Poopoo Cat 2.6.0 apk download for your android mobile for free. Popoo Cat is a successively action game with an  inspiring closure. Aid the needy, beautiful white cat  Poopoo who lost his direction take him home securely. Cheche's creatures  companions will assault Poopoo on transit yet no stresses. The cat has distinct weapon to overthrow his opponents. Simply mind the progression and look out when you hop. Assault the opponents with her uncommon weapon, When you defeat the opponent then you may able to get the Poopoo to her home securely otherwise you  may not. So try to kill the opponents on the way, who creates hurdles for the cute cat and take him her home without any obstacle.

Additional Information:

-Game name: Poopoo cat apk
-Size : 20.91 MB
-Version: New Version 2.6.0
-Needs: Android 2.3.0 and up
-Distributed by: galbaro Inc.
-Released Date: 11 Sept, 2k16

For Download click the Below Links:
Poopoo Cat apk
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Poopoo cat apk

Download Traffic Racer 2.3 Apk

You are here to download Traffic racer 2.3 Apk for android, it is an innovative in the variety of unlimited racing game play.Drive your auto through freeway traffic , gain money, overhaul your auto and buy new one. Be a professional driver, drive fast without any obstacle in a traffic. Boundless racing game is now available for your android mobile, So enjoy and download Traffic Racer 2.3 apk and share with your friends.


-Magnificent 3D illustration
-flat and genuine auto taking care of.
-Choose your best car from 35 Cars.
-Complete Locations, desert. rainy, greenly
-Game types: two way, free ride, Police game etc
-Available vehicles , buses , trucks and car etc
-Touch to brake , accelerate , steer.

Additional Information:

Game name: Traffic racer apk
Size: 49.88 MB
New Version: 2.3
Needs: Android 2.2.3 and up
Distributed by: Soner Kara
Last Update: 8 March , 2k16

Download Apk Files from here:
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Download Traffic Racer 2.3
Download apk file from Sendspace:
Traffic RAcer 2.3 apk

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Chess APK Download

You are here to download Chess apk  for android, Play and enjoy the chess game free with your companions ,family and peoples across the globe. Relish free boundless game develop your game ranking with Thousands of  policies , problems, and shared instruction, videos and a dominant PC adversary.
Free Chess play:
-Contest with your companions and Talk with rivals
-Play continuous barrage or day by day corresponding chess
Strategies Puzzles:
-Resolve more than 5000 Strategies puzzles
-Regulates your ability level to help you make progress
-Recordings and instructions from top programmers
-Cooperative lessons with supportive guidelines
-Regulate  PC power
-Examine your diversions to realize what turned out badly

Additional Information:

Game name : Chess-apk
New Version: 3.4.06
Size: 22.62 MB
Needs; Android 4.4 and up
Rating: 4.3 out of 5
Distributed by:
Last Update: 18 August, 2k16
Chess APK Download
Chess APK Download

Download Links:
From Zippyshare:
download chess play & learn
Direct Download:
Chess play & Learn apk download

Friday, 26 August 2016

Offline Dictionary Download

Best offline dictionary permits you to look the difficult words meaning without using internet connection, Everywhere you can use the offline dictionary, whether you are in office , home, on the way, you can learn difficult words description on your mobile without network. Every body know when you access internet for searching words whatever, your battery consumes more. So it is the best idea to save your battery life.This dictionary supports 50 multi-national languages i-e English, French, Arabic, Portugal, Italian, Chinese etc. So Download Offline dictionary and Learn more.

Additional Information:

App name: Offline Dictionary
Version: 3.4.3
Size: 5.24 MB
Supports: Android 3.0 and up
Distributed by:
Last Update: 29 July, 2k16

Download Links:
From Zippyshare;
download Offline Dictionary
Direct Downlaod:
Offline Dictionary

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Highway Rider Apk 1.9.1 for Android

 Best android game Highway Rider, being a brave and drive a  bike close to autos and buses boost your pace and points.Beware with your moving however colliding with autos cause  harms. Gather snapshots and recordings of your accidents. Modify your bike and provide them your smartness.Highway Rider racing game has stunning graphics and it is easy and free to play so download and enjoy the game.
-Ten types with various Motor bikes to select
-online multiplayer contesting
-Repetitions of your smashes
-utilize improvements to drive fast
-In game Contests
-Modify your motorbike and get-ups in the workshop
-Four Various Roads\freeways.
-Escape the police in quick way

Additional Information:

Game name: Highway Rider
Size; 60.57 MB
New Version: 1.9.1
Needs;  Android 4.0 and up
Distributed by: Battery Acid Games, Inc
Last update: 17 August, 2k16
Highway Rider Apk 1.9.1 for Android

Download Link:
Highway Rider Apk 1.9.1 for Android

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Download Call of Duty :Heroes 3.1.0 APK for Android

Best game for android the Call of duty Heroes, millions of the follower across the world wide. Order a military of famous conquerors , best soldier, distressing drones from the call of duty establishment in this 3D fighting game. Modify your base and prepare world class forces to govern on your foes in furious fights including governable legends similarly to the primary individual chopper heavy guns specialist.
Take control on small base and form it up to solid base. Then go on the aggressive attacks on your foes and control the legends by creating destruction. Create coalitions with groups ,compete the opponents and got reward.


-Get control of and boost notable legends form call of duty establishment, including call of duty 4.Each legends has their own movement framework.
-Modernize and practice your army using division right form the call of duty
-without dying kill opponents and get reward such as drone attack
-Form and promote your base into stronghold.
-Secure your base form foes and go on the aggressive ways
-Form a group , create coalition with friends and govern your opponents

Additional Information;

Game name; call-of-duty-heroes-apk
Version: 3.1.0
Size;  47.4 MB
Needs: Android 2.3.3 and up
Distributed by; Activision publishing Inc.
Last update: 12  December 2016
Download Call of Duty :Heroes 3.1.0 APK for Android
Download Call of Duty :Heroes 3.1.0 APK for Android

Download links:
From Zippyshare:
Latest Version:Download Call of Duty :Heroes 3.1.0 APK for Android
Old Version Call of Duty 2.7 download

Monday, 22 August 2016

Car Driver APK 1.0 For Android

Best Car Driver Apk for android , Now it's big chance to learn Driving, it offers different medium to drive a car in a tough place. This game is particularly intended for fans of tough parking competitions. It's time for you to enhance your driving abilities by liking and playing Car Driver 4.

Available Services:

- it contain 6 dissimilar melodies
- Contain six Cars
-Particularly planned 420 tough stages/points for stopping
-Stunning Graphics
-  particularly planned stuffs for parking

Additional Information:

Game name: Car Driver 4-apk
New Version: 1.0
Size: 42.62 MB
Needs: Android 4.0 and up
Published On : 18 August, 2016
Distributed by: OsmanElbeyi
Car Driver  APK 1.0 For Android
Car Driver  APK 1.0 For Android

Download Links:
From Zippyshares:
Car Driver APK 1.0 For Android
Direct Download:
Car Driver 4 download
From Sendspace:
download Car driver 4

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