Saturday, 22 July 2017

Uber APK Download

You are here to download the  Uber apk, before going to download the Uber apk you should know about the Uber, What is Uber ,Why and How it works. Uber is a ride application for passengers to provide fast, reliable and quick 24 hours services in a day. Now you don't need to wait for long time in traffic area for waiting taxi's. Uber has just find a solution of this problem. Download the Uber apk on your android phone, select your location and easily pick Uber VIP taxi for lower cost. Uber provides fastest service all over the world, so don't worried about to get taxi, now Uber has comfort your way of life. Just install the Uber apk and get taxi on your door step.
Request for Uber through application is quite easy don't get confuse, we are here to provide step by step usage of Uber APK . You just tap to request a Uber for ride, it's simple to pay with credit card or cash.Select city where you are going and start a trip with Uber.

Requesting Methods to Uber:

-Just install the app and run on your android phone and tell them where are travelling
-The app gets your location  because the Driver can easily pick you.
-You cans see the Driver picture, details about car and even the current status of arrival of taxi through google maps on your app.
-Payments can be done through Android pay, PayPal and through credit cards
-After ride you can rate the Uber driver and their services through your application so uber can improve their services by getting users feedback.
Uber APK Download
Uber APK Download

               Download Apk file of Uber click the below link:
        Download:  Uber Apk Download

Additional Information:

App Name : uber.apk
Size : 42.46 MB
Version : 4.160.4
Needs : Android 4.1 and up
Developers: Uber
Last Update :July 5, 2k17

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Best IELTS App for Android : IELTS Word Power APK

Best IELTS App  Word power is the international English Language testing Service app distributed by British Council. It provide Hundred's of questions , Answers of different fields i-e  Health, Business, Technology, Social issues, Developing World and many more. It aids to develop and  improve your English learning skills including Listening, Speaking and writing skills. IELTS Word Power APK provides all the information about English learning techniques from basic to advance. It is very simple to use and high quality content. So Download and install IELTS Word Power APK offered by British Council.
IELTS Word Power permits :
- learning english
-best IELTS preparation practice
-It helps you to find the nearby IELTS test institution
Additional Information:
-App Name : ielts-word-power
-Size : 17 MB
Category: Educational App
-Version :  1.20
-Needs :  Android 2.3.3 and up
-Distributed by: British Council
-Published Date: 19 January 2016
Best IELTS  Apps for Android : IELTS Word Power APK
Best IELTS  App for Android : IELTS Word Power APK

Download Link:

From Google Play Store :GET IELTS FROM Google Play Store

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Download BBM APK

See the BBM , it has offers bundles of services to their users. BBM provides best instant messaging features on the earth So don't forget to download BBM APK. it provides quality services, audio , video calling and now they have additionally provide thousands of stickers , free games, supermarkets, news-broadcast,coupons and more.There are millions of users across the world have discovered the BBM due its quality services.
-free calling services i.e audio , video calling
-provides group chat and messaging facilities
-Thousands of stickers, you may express yourself through these stickers
-programmed messages to your contacts
-Share photographs, and files
-Check the status of messages delivered
-offers free games 

Privacy Control:
-Keep your phone number private
-You may block someone for adding and messaging you .
-Share your location with your friends
-Protected messaging service
-Update your status to let your friends know how you are feeling.

Additional Information:
-App Name : bbm-apk
-Version :
-Size :   28 MB
-Needs :  Android 4.0.3 and up
-Distributed by:  BlackBerry Limited 
-Last Update: 13 April, 2017
Download BBM APK
Download BBM APK

Download the Apk file of BBM : Click the below link:

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Best Jokes Diary 1.0 APK

Are you getting bored...?? Don't worry, we have brought you a bundle of smiles for your face in the shape of Jokes Diary.  Best Jokes Diary offers 1000 + funny and interesting jokes. Keep smiling and make other happy by reading best jokes. Jokes Diary is an offline app for android , you don't  need to connect with internet, it is totally free to use. The best and amazing features is that you can easily send these jokes from this application to other media such as mobile SMS, Social media Sharing , Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, P pinterest , G+ etc.Jokes Diary contained different categories of jokes such that, Student Teacher jokes, Husband Wife jokes, Pathan Jokes, Father and Son jokes, Saaz and Bahu jokes and other 18+ jokes available for you. You can put your most favorite jokes in favorite joke section.


-Stunning UI and easy to Use
- Completely Offline
- 500+ best jokes
-Sharing to other networks

Additional Information:

-App name : jokes-diary-apk
-Size : 5 MB
-Version: 1.0
-Needs: Android 2.3 and up
-Distributed By: itbrowserpk
-Published Date: 23 March 2017
Best Jokes Diary 1.0 APK
Best Jokes Diary 1.0 APK
Download From Google play Store Click the Below Link:

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Download Dream League Soccer 4.01 APK

Dream League Soccer  2017 in now available , it is best game among the other Soccer games. Dream League soccer  allows you to build your team on the planet. and trained the FIFpro qualified stars, shape your own playground stadium and take on the world on dream league stadium.
Note: This game is free to play but some useful content needs to pay if you wanna use it.
Coins can be won during match or watching videos
Manage Your Team:
Select and manage your Dream Soccer team from famous soccer players of the world and play with other teams, be the winner of the year
Genuine Soccer Gameplay:
Ready yourself for Playing this stunning genuine soccer game. magnificent graphics, AI , genuine animations 60fps dynamic gameplay.
Go WorldWide :
Drem League Soccer sets your dream team against very well in the world. Follow your way and be the greatest team among the world.


-FIFPro licenced players brings the most accurate Dream League Soccer on your hand
-Customize your own Dream team
-6 partitions to effort ,to won the competition cup.
-Form your own stadium and team
-Customize your own team logo and kit.

Additional Information:

-Game Name : dream-league-soccer-apk
-Size : 45.41 MB
-Version : 4.01
- Needs : Android 4.1 and up
-Distributed by:  First Touch
-Last Update: March 16, 2017
Download Dream League Soccer 4.01 APK
Download Dream League Soccer 4.01 APK

Download Apk File of Dream League Soccer Click the below Link:

Download Dream League Soccer 4.01 APK

Friday, 17 March 2017

Download Pou 1.4.73 APK

Pou is a very interesting video game in which  you can play with stranger pet pou. Feed the Pou very well, clean it,  look it will grow up, and play with your Pou , it's very funny. Pou will never let you to get bore, alway chill will it. While smoothing up and exposing different covers and getups to gratify your sole taste.
Customize your Pou and make more fun with it and make pou friends.
- feed. grow and look after the pou
-play game and gather coins
-Modify pou's entrance
-visit and play with your love one's
- Play and talk with pou

Additional Information:

-Game Name : pou-apk
-Version:  1.4.73
-Size : 20.88 MB
-Needs : Android 2.3 and up
-Distributed by: Zakeh
-Last Update : 24 August 2016
Download Pou 1.4.73 APK
Download Pou 1.4.73 APK 
Download the Apk file of Pou Video game click the below Link:

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Gunship Strike 3D 1.0.5 APK

Gunship Strike 3D is the stunning and genuine helicopter action game available for android mobiles. Be ready to wipe out  terrorist from this heaven like world. Take offensive on terrorist with your apache helicopter and kill every bloody terrorist, control the city with your allies. Gunship combat helicopter is now ready, you have to take the seat of combat helicopter and operate the machine gun technically
Game Features:
-Numerous helicopters with unique weapons and guns
- Levels 40+ in fighting mode
-Genuine 3D graphics game
Additional Information:
-Game Name: gunship-strike-3d-apk
-Version; 1.0.5
-Size: 17.82 MB
-Needs : Android 2.1 and up
-Distributed by: Candy Mobile
-Last Update : 12 january, 2017
Gunship Strike 3D 1.0.5 APK
Gunship Strike 3D 1.0.5 APK

Download Apk File of Gunship Strike 3D Apk: